rolling hop?

how to do?i can ride up beside a curb stall then hop up and pedal away.i can’t seem to do it without stalling.

Practice :wink:

Practice and how are your feet positioned when you hop? Horizontal or vertical?

your feet should be positioned horizontal and as yo make the hop maybe a bit further than horizontal

from my experience make sure your foot is on the best position of the pedal(i like it in the middle)this helped a bit.oh and make sire you line the hop up so your cranks will be horizontal when you hit the jump.:slight_smile:

i did my first couple today thanks for the tips.

I have a sort of off topic question, but it is about hopping. I have just recently learned to hop, and I can somtimes do it rolling, and almost always do it standing still. I can only get 6-8 inches off of the ground, doe sit just take practice to jump higher? And when I jump, should the seat be under me, or in front of me as my feet are on the pedals?

keep the seat between your legs and hold the handle if you’ve got one, and just practice… if you are feeling secure about it, try find a curb or edge or anthing really to just jump up on… standing still or whatever! and then jump down… just practice, when you are able to not fall of because you feel secure hopping, that’s when it starts to get fun!

okay. thanks

i have make 70cm! but now i stuck!

i’m 2months in maybe a bit more did my biggest rolling hop today up 18" onto a table like obstacle at the skate park followed by a 24" rolling gap onto another table then rode off the other side.pretty stoked.

Any one put a small tutorial video of how to learn rolling hops?

Its not hard, just watch some videos on youtube and you’ll get the idea!

Search the article section. Youll find two guides.