Rolling Hop UniTorial

Made this “UniTorial” today on how to do rolling hops off stairs. Had fun making it and this easy “step by step” guide should definitely help if you ever wanted to learn how to do rolling hops. They are FUN - and exhilarating - to do! Happy Thanksgiving! :slight_smile:

Very well made. What cranks do you have on that unicycle? Looks like they have a million holes in them

Thanks, haha yeah, those are 150mm KH Moments. I drilled the extra holes in them just for looks. :smiley:

Thanks for the video. I would be careful about drilling out your cranks. They are over built but they take a lot of stress. Just like a lever they need to be stronger as they get closer to the cranks.
What I am having trouble with right now it hoping up onto something while rolling, like a curb. I can do it from the side but not forward. I always end up on my face when I try.