Rolling Hop Help...

Hello forum!

Here is a short video (only about 20 seconds) of me doing some rolling hops and a side hop, all on my kh 24" muni. I’m hoping to get tips and helpful advice on how to improve my technique and get more distance in my rolling hops. I just feel like I’m expending waaay too much energy for the distance I’m getting and really want to “work smart, not hard” as the saying goes.

I know a lot of it is just practice and determination, and going for it, but I wanted to get feedback from those with more experience (which is most of you!:)) because I also know that bad or flawed technique can hold me back from improving beyond a certain point.

Please have a look at the video and hopefully you will be able to evaluate my technique and maybe offer some contructive feedback.

I’m also wondering if a CF seat base and maybe a reeder or DG handle would make much difference. Thanks!:smiley:

Roll hops: Throw that wheel way farther out infront of you.

Side hops: The second you leave the ground tuck like a b*tch. Also preload a ton. lean into it. And also do it sif.

You could also have a faster take off on those rolling hops.

As for side hops, try compressing your tire as much as you can and just exploding off the ledge. I see in your video that you are kind of throwing your weight to the side. Try to do it like this: lean as much as possible, throw your weight DOWN at the last second before you fall over from leaning, release weight and spring to the side.

It looks like you’re not puting enough oomph into the jumping part, you just kind of floated over the ditch! Tuck more right before you jump and spring upwards with as much force as you can. Think of it more as a “rolling jump” rather than a “rolling hop”.

crank positioning is crucial. when u hop on flat ground, u should be pushing down hard on one leg. Get your cranks lined up nicely to the object, and then just and more strength into that push.

For side hops its all in the bang. You have to give 'er as hard as you can. Just explode! As Evan said, get that wheel as far into your a$$ as possible.

I disagree
you push down hard on BOTH legs

if I am having trouble doing easy stuff then I pretend to jump OFF of the unicycle, but pull up on the handle enough to keep the uni on my feet if that makes any sense.

agreed, but turning does take away from distance(not height at all), and I find that if you go at a slight angle and hop sideways as well as foreward(ending up going straight) you can jump farther

for rolling:

ride faster.

You want to be able to fluidly roll into the extension, throw your free hand upward as you arch your back. you should be halfway into the jump before you get to the hopping pedal position. Just practice, and the timing will come to you.

Rememder your uni only weighs 12lbs, it’s all about getting your body weight up. Dont worry about jumping foreward, momentum will do all the foreward progress for you.

I’m thinking I should also lower the saddle considerably so I can “crouch” down more just before I launch. In that vid I had it really high for climbing, because I can climb better with a more full leg extentions.

I really want to learn sif hopping next, like Evan suggested. You guys are giving great advice…I really appreciate it and it’s helping me quite a lot!:smiley:

Actually, my 24" kh weighs about 15+ lbs. I think the KH 20 weighs only 12 lbs.

How do I get “half way into the jump” before my cranks are in “jumping position?” For me, my left crank is forward and of course 3/9 o’clock crank position right at the launch point.

i don’t know exactly how good my form is, but here is a decent illustration of a decent rolling hop

link please…:smiley:

That’s a loooong rolling hop! I’m guessing it’s a bit easier to get that distance on a trials vs a muni?

I static hop with the same crank position.

However, when I rolling hop, I get to full speed, and then as soon as my right crank hits 6 oclock(yes, 6, not a typo) I compress the tire and launch. While i’m gaining height I kind of automatically pedal my cranks to 3/9.

I find that If I try to rolling hop by going fast then compressing the tire at 3/9 I just end up losing a lot of speed and my rolling hop just turns into shit.

When I compress the tire at 6, it seems much more flowy and I don’t lose any speed. Btw, I only compress with 1 foot with rolling hops, don’t try to force down on the 12 oclock pedal

That sound interesting! I’m going to try that asap. Thanks.:slight_smile:

That was what I was trying to say earlier.

heres the pic!!

I start to “explode” when i hit about 10 o’ clock and leave the ground w/ the pedal at about 8 o’ clock

i can’t jump more than 4 feet the way Monocyclist described.

I can.

I don’t find any other way comfortable. When I try to compress around 9/3 it just slows me down and makes my distance nothing. Like if I was going 10 mph right before the hop i’d slow down to like 5-6 mph. At 6 oclock i’ll be going 10mph and I leave the ground going 10 mph.