Rolling hop help.

I need a bit of advice.

I can rolling-hop low heights, say 5 or 6 inches on a clear surface, but I have problems doing it consistently over an obstacle. I really want to learn to hop up curbs on my 29er every time. I also want to get more height when I’m mucking about on a 24".

What position should my feet be in when I take off - is it 3 and 9 O’clock? I think I have been trying with my strong foot coming up just after being at the bottom of the revolution, so my other foot is just past the top. But I can’t say for sure, my most successful attempts have just “felt” right but I haven’t really had the mental capacity mid-hop to analyse what I did. I have tried studying videos but usually the action is too fast to see clearly.



get a flat area.

lay down a hose.

ride and hop over the hose, don’t position yourself so the cranks are in the right spot, just ride at the hose and hop over it with whatever position your cranks are in. this gets you good at learning to hop with all different crank positions.

this really helped me get over lots of obstacles


I agree with iridemymuni, but i have a different approach. His method is great when you ride muni but won’t allow you to reach a good length/high very quickly.

I belong to those who always hop with the best position of foot, horizontally i mean. That is where you are the higher and can get the maximum extension of your legs, that means the best impulsion.

Usually riding in town with a 20", modulating my trajectory to the obstacles and working on my jump length i manage to cruise confidently.


Hm. Iam not so good in english but gonna try to help you.
If you are trying to jump high:
When you jump don’t try to just have the Uni under you , try to , hmm dont know how to say :confused: Just pull soo mutch you can and try to get the uni upp in front off you , ehh hope i help :stuck_out_tongue:

The way I learned is a pretty good method. Just ride down your street, and rolling hop over every single thing you see. Hop over every bump, stick, leaf, rock, grease spot, shadow and pothole you see. This will force you, as iridemymuni said, to hop with all different crank positions.

This is very tiring though, especially if your street is long. My street was decently long so by the time I got to the end of it I was absolutely soaked with sweat

Okey. thanks… cause i also need to train to jump white diffrent crank position.

I think it’s best (when learning anyway) to position the unicycle about equidistant from the obstacle as the obstacle is high (i.e. if the obstacle is 12" high, position the unicycle about 12" away from the object with the cranks in the horizontal position that you use). Then roll the unicycle backwards a few revolutions, enough that you can gather some speed before you get to the object you’re trying to jump over. Mount the unicycle, ride towards the object, and then when you get close enough to the object that you’re trying to jump onto/over, your pedals/cranks will be in the proper position to allow you to jump on top/over it.

Hope this helps. I find that it does.

i think that you should just keep your cranks horizontal while learning to hop, it is the best, and the most common position
if you plan on doing Muni a LOT then go ahead and practice from every position, but hop the most from a normal position

My personal experience with this is that once you learn to jump about 2 feet high(its reallly not that far off for you, only a couple months… average) you can jump a curb from any pedal position easily

I think it is much easier to learn to jump decently, then go for it with any pedal position

i disagree, just ride so that the pedals will line up in the vacinity of the object and hop up it, it will become natural to jump from the correct distance:)

if you’re looking to hop with your cranks in the same position every time, ride up to the object at about a 45 degree and adjust your self(left to right) to get good timing on your jump. It will become easier with practice.

Thanks for all the advice. I need to try to get my feet horizontal I think at first to get some height, then I’ll concentrate on hitting things at different trajectories. I can hop a curb approaching from an angle or straight on, just not every time, I do more of a ‘lift’ than a hop if you know what I mean, and if the curb is more then 3 or 4 inches there is no guarantee I’ll make it, the tyre will often catch the edge of the curb.

Do you actually momentarily stop the uni wheel when you take off, with the momentum being carried forward by your body, or is the idea for the wheel to be moving all the time?


when i jump i do either.

i can rolling hop and keep the wheel still so i land in the same position, or i can keep pedalling so the wheel keeps going and i land in a different position.

when i dont roll i tend to skid a bit upon impact.