Rolling hop help

Hey all.

How do i build up my rolling hop height. I can jump up a curb but that is it and also how do i measure the distance so i can get my revolutions right for the jump.

Welcome to the forum, first off, Ill start you off by having you watch this movie.


Look at this

Then, look at this.

Not much more to say really, just look at the pictures and the videos, and you’ll get it, you really want to swing the tire in front of you and tuck it as much as possible to get as much height and distance as you can.

For aligning up the pedals, it should mater to much on curbs cause you have plenty of room to swerve or ride along the curb a little until you are in the right position to jump. If you wanting to align for a bigger jump though, get to the right position on your uni, so you at the spot where you will be jumping form, then ride backwards until you have a good run, Or, you can get to the spot you want to jump at, do a 180, ride to get a good run, do another 180 so your facing the object, then ride towards it.

if you know how to hop it is fairly simple. come riding and do a hop. when you comedown just continue pedaling

its rather simple once youve got the consept

good luck

What do you mean by tuck when you are doing this? :thinking:

As a general rule of thumb, measure the height of the object you want to hop onto, and start that distance away from the object. If you want to hop onto a 2 ft tall object, start 2 ft away. You may find after some time that you’ll want to start closer or further than the “general rule”, but it’s a good starting point.

Once you’ve measured your starting point, mount at the starting point with your pedals in “hopping position”, ride backwards in a straight line from the starting point, just a few rotations. Note that you should ride backwards and not just push your uni backwards 'cause it won’t give you the same distance (you squash your tire when riding which makes it behave as if it’s a smaller diameter). Now you’re ready to roll!

When you take off from the ground and you want to get some good height / distance out of your hop, you’ll need to lift your wheel a lot. You can only lift it so high if you just pull up on the handle. The “tuck” is the act of folding your body in half, at the waist. It’s kind of like a forward pike in gymnastics / diving (see definition 6 at While the upper half of your body bends forward (as if you’re bowing to an audience) the lower half of your body will make the same motion: the wheel will come up off the ground, not straight up, but up and forward at the same time… as if you’re kicking the wheel forward.

Does this make sense? Check out some pictures and videos of rolling hops and you’ll get it… it’s a much different feeling from your standard side hop. You can practice the tuck when doing forward hops, if you want to get the feeling without rolling…

Just jump over anything that’s in your way (leaves, pebbles, sidewalk squares, infants, you get the idea). Do it until you can jump stuff without even thinking about it. The technique will develop itself (I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. I taught myself to rolling hop unconsciously by just jumping over targets as they appeared).