Rolling hop help

I am looking to learn how to get a better rolling hop… More height and length…
I can get about 2-3 inches high and long, from what my son estimated, and theres a curb at work that I can hop onto without stopping…
Is there a method you used to practice?

Start small and over time you will get a longer a hop. and practice practice practice. A smaller wheel helps as well trials unis are by far the best…

Yeah well, I would love one, but unless KH, UDC, or some other big name decides to donate to the old and broke, I dont see a $200+ 20" trials in my near future… Although I would love to have one…

Kris, you readin this? Think of the oppertunity!
Major news headline –> A 40 year old diabetic finds better health through extreme unicycling after Manufacturer Kris Holm steps up and donates… :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough… you can learn on a bigger wheel of course its just pratise…

I suggest that if you REALLY want to learn to hop higher and longer, learn to ride seat in front (SIF). SIF is a good skill to have ‘under your belt’ because as you hop it allows you to pull the seat up under your bum thus hopping higher. As for jumping longer, get some more speed and then hop.
Just remember, SIF and GO FASTER!

Here’s the best guide I’ve seen so far.

I’m like you, I can only get about 2-3" so far on my 24" Muni. My general sense is that I need to fold over a lot more after I lift off the ground.

Lowered my seat 1 or 1.5 inches and WOW
Doubled my height on the first hop!
I can now pull the uni up and tuck it a bit which I think was the trick.
Plus now I can pop the seat out from between my legs and ride SIF too! (About 8 feet :stuck_out_tongue: )

i do 24" street and MUNI. what i do to practice my rolling hops so far is
1.lower seat (im 5’6" and was 4’11" this time last year. i never raised my post, because its easier to jump)
2. change to street saddle. KH is what i have
3. find a road thats really beaten up, and they have put tar lines in it. fall a lin beside it going at a diagonal towards it when you feel the time is right jump. try going a short and shorter distance each time (without a bigger set up)
4. pull up, tuck, curl and hold in the air. the long you hold the seat up, the farther you will go.
5. speed…
6. practice riding down sidewalk and hoping over each crak, to learn timing and hoping in different poistions. helps a lot

im having much of the same problem as you, but ive found doing all this is making me progress quite fast

Thanks Mexico7, this is the idea parts that I was looking for…
I like the idea with the sidewalk as the ones here look like a bomb went off after this past winter…
No fresh tar lines to jump, but I did just think about tossing down some blocks of wood of variying width… Nothing taller then 2" but maybe 2, 4, 6, and more wide, then as I get braver I can nail blocks to the tops of those for height

just get some pallets. they are the best “free investment” you can make. start with 1…move onto 2 and so on. then you can actually hop up ledges and stuff when you see them.