Rolling hop help?

Hey guys,

I’m new to the forums some of you might have seen me around at unicon but yeah.I’ve got a problem with my rolling hops.

I Hop with my left hand on the seat with right foot back, which all feels fine but if I was to side hop seat in or build up to a big rolling hop i hop to my left as well which just doesn’t feel good.

Left hand,hopping left.

Just need some tips on if I should swap hands or just practise the other way until it feels alright, thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

When it doesn’t feel good why don’t you just switch to the other side?

If you really want to hop to the side, I think it would be easier for you to modify to side you hop to rather than the hand you use. But usually, for big rolling hops, you want to be completly perpendicular to the ledge. So if I were you, instead of practicing to switch hands or side, I would just practice straight rolling hops.


i agree with hugo, but for when you do hop to the side you should definitely hop away from the hand you hold with. mostly becouse if you are going to fall your going to fall the direction you are jumping so you want that open hand for ballence or to catch yourself.

Thanks for the tips, but when i try hopping to the right i cant really use my back leg to pull the seat either up or across. It feels like i have less power going to the right.

well if you learned with jumping to the left first then it will be normal to feel like that till you are used to it. you may want to try holding with right hand jumping to the left. just pick whichever one feels best to you as long as your hoping towards your free hand. i know joe campbell learned the same way you did and had to switch. now he has one of the biggest side hops and he basicaly has no blind side. it just takes time.

haha jezza…nice nick name :wink:

well i couldnt be bothered reading it all but i hop right foot in front, right foot holdin on and to the left…

yeah but you just gotta re learn hopping in the direction your arm that’s not holding the saddle is. it’s outta the question, your hops will suffer indefinitely if you don’t. if you have to hop to the left, then use your right hand for holding the saddle.

Hey. i ride with a guy who has a similar hopping stance to you. left foot forward, hopping right, right hand on the seat.

it looks pretty gammy and he can see there are alot of disadvantages, but in saying that he has a massive rolling hop (close 1m high) and he held the world long jump record (2.8m or something) for a few years. the area he suffers is his side hops.

You can ride any way you want, but if you are hopping towards your seat hand you will eventually hit a few difficult hurdles.

There is no wrong way to ride a unicycle. if you can make it work then do it, otherwise do it a different way.

And practice.

I dont think you have to relearn your hopping direction, just switch hands. I hop left with my right foot back like you, but i use my right hand. My friend Joe was the same way, hopping toward his holding hand, he switched his hands and is glad he did.

Are you talking about Pete VB from New Zealand who had the 2.8m record or someone else?

yeah Pete VB.