Rolling Hop Heights

I know people have talked about plain hopping heights but I coudlnt find anything specifically on rolling hops. As I understand the official wolrd record for high jump is currently 93cm or so?? And I know the likes of Zack and Ryan have done higher (over a meter?), but they hop statically.
The other day I rolling hopped up a 97cm (38") wall and was wondering how this compares to other people/on the world scale? So yeah how high can everyone rolling hop? What’s the biggest known rolling hop?

Is this seat in because zack Baldwin rolling hopped a picnic table sif (he also 180’ed up it)


Haven’t you seen Universe 2? :slight_smile: Dan Heaton hops to 7 pallets. It’s probably something like 1 metre high.
And Xavier Collos has done the same I think. Maybe Yoggi too.

(I’m on 64 cm, but I’m progressing. I can’t practice that much right now because it’s winter…)

Rolling hop 1m!
Wipes drool from mouth

Can you get higher with static hops or rolling hops?


As far as I know, you can hop higher staticly SIF, but on my opinion it takes more time to learn properly than rolling hops. So I’m practicing rolling hops instead of static SIFs. I think rolling hops are also “cooler”… :wink: No, it’s not important, point is to hop high, everyone prefers different styles.

Rolling hops keep the lines smooth, which is important for street. If you’re stopping at every obstacle to take the seat out, hop up, place it back in & continue then it breaks up the line. I prefer to keep the seat in, pedalgrab and snap to rubber very quicky, it’s slower than a rolling hop but faster than a seat out hop, and since my seat ins are at the moment higher than my seat outs it also gets me more places.


I’m pretty sure the rolling hop Heaton does in U2 is slightly less than 1m (probably closer to 97cm). munimanpete looked pretty casual when he did his 97cm so I have no doubt that he could go higher with more experience.

For those of you who haven’t quite grasped the workings of the (far superior) metric system, 97cm is very close to 1m. :wink: Amazing stuff Peter!


Same thing goes for Muni, but this times it’s rolling drops. Getting to where you can launch with either foot forward/back–or pulling off a quick mid-air crank spin to horizontal–without having to stop or interupt the flow, is sort of becomming one of the earmarks of the super expert. I still tend of pause a bit before launching off stuff (sight unseen) beyond about 30 inches, but I’m working on it . . .


How the heck to you do a “rolling” hop? At what point in the pedal stroke do you hop while rolling, especially if you’re going fast? Do you have to time it so the pedals are horizontal to the ground as in astatic hop? The vids I’ve seen almost look a sif in a rolling hop, the rider almost stops, momentarily, then hops. (newbie question of course):o

I meant “as if” in a rolling…, not “sif” as in seat in front. Typo sorry

back on topic, my rolling hop if i really pull maybe 15"-20", about the same as my sif, but i havent tryed rolling onto an obect yet cuz i have nothing to do it onto to, but i make piles of snow in the rode and practice with those.

First, maybe we should make some distinctions…

Ryan set the highjump record over a bar. If you can rolling hop a 98cm ledge, I think you’d be lucky to get over a 92cm bar.

As for final heights, i’m pretty close to you. My record onto a ledge is about 37" (96cm). On that hop I was in a dead sprint approaching the ledge, and still hit about 1/4 of the way up the front of the tire. It was only luck and momentum that carried me up. I doubt I could even clear an 88cm bar with a rolling hop…

Rolling hops have more potential because you don’t need explosive strength. You can build up your hop power as you approach the ledge, rather than in two explosive jumps. I’ve always been able to hop as high, or higher with my rolling hops, and I almost never practice them.

Ok so thats all very immpressive but how do you rolling hop 90+ cm the last time i checked i was only on like 60cm

Reading this makes me feel like i suck

It’s about time that someone pointed that out

97 is awesome Pete! I’d say there are between 5-10 people that have rolling hopped a meter but there could be a few more. I don’t think people have gone too much higher though…

Oh, before I filmed Zack B. doing a 180 rolling hop onto a picnic table he was warming up by doing 180 rolling hops up 7 pallettes in my backyard. He was able to do these without too much difficulty and i’d say it was 7-8" higher than a picnic table. Pretty impressive, too bad I preferred the line and shot with the 180 up the picnic table for Defect…


There’s a clip of him doing a 180 onto 7 pallets in Bowling Green at NAUCC in John Foss’s photo albums:

i think my rolling hop is about 5 maybe 6 inches. but mi side hops are getting better 14 in side hop seat in and 10 seat in front(,im still getting used to it.)

:astonished: I had trouble doing one of those 180s up 5 pallets…As for your hop Pete, VERY Nice! I can only rolling hop 26-27in…Very well done…