Rolling Hop Height?

How high is everybody getting on their rolling hops (onto something)? last night, in my driveway, I was able to get onto 6 pallettes on my MUni. Thanks alot.


not as high as seat out infront… about 4 pallets for me on my trials uni… but my pallets are bigger than normal…

I am able to get onto 5 pallets. Once I get that perfected I’ll go find a sixth one.

  • Sal

oh, about 2 cm. that’s 1 more than last month.

Hey Dylan,

one question: Which kind of pallets do you mean ? Here in Europe, there are “Euro Pallets” with a height from 14.5cm, nearly a half feet…



how many euro pallets do you hop (rolling hop)?


i havent actually tried getting onto pallets, but other stuff ive gotten onto is probably between 4 and 5 pallets


i’ve only ridden on big pallets too (like 6" each) and the most i’ve done is 4 on top of a curb. so like… 80cm or about. I’m better at seat out front, and rarely practise rolling hops. i find that in trials situations, seat-out-front is more useful.


I rode the last time on pallets in November 2002 and at this time I didn’t tried to jump on these things with a rolling hop. 4 pallets are no problem, but I hope that I have the oppurtunity to jump on 5 or more… . 72,5cm (5 pieces) must be able too.

PS: My German is pretty better than my english, you know. :slight_smile:

i can do a ledge about three inches higher than my 20" wheel. but i can get on higher stuff from standing hop, don’t ask me why?
does any1 else find this or am i just weird? :thinking:

Felix, I’m not sure how big my pallettes are, but the total height of the 6 was about 76cm.


Dylan, I learned something. The pallets are much smaller in America as there are in Europe. But 76cm is very much for a rolling hop. I must train this technic much more in the future. At the beginning times it was easier for me too, to do sidehop on/over obstacles. I think my record was about 76cm sidehop…but I’ll learn to do height’s like that with a rolling hop. Rolling hops are very powerful and it’s fun to jump into big flowerbeds… . A big disadvantage is, that you have to measure all the time the correct pedal rotations before you make large rolling hops…


I’ve been unicycling less than 2 months but I can rolling hop higher than my side hop. I rolling hopped onto a park bench that was 15 or 16 inches high.

In two months?!



I got about an inch over my 24" fireball, so about 26-27 inchs. I think I could go a bit higher, but I cant find anything else that’s good.

Currently, I can only get about a foot off the ground. That is under ideal conditions and with out an obstacle in my way. If there does happen to be something in my way, and therefore a real reason to hop, I can hop about nine inches.

How much does initial speed affect the hopping height and distance? I really want to improve, but I can’t seem to hop at high speed.