Rolling Hop Competition

Allright this is the rolling hop competition.

Their are going to be 4 catergories of riders

-4’6" and under
-6’ and over

the rule is you are trying to rolling hop half your height

so if your 4 ft tall then your aiming for a 2ft/60 cm rolling hop

im 5’6" so im trying to hit 33 inches (83 cm)

once you rolling hop half your height then you can put this trophy



into your sig

you cant have done this before, it must be documented and must be aproved by the participants.

This competition starts now

i’ll sign up for this, but i will have to find out my height and post it later

i would really like to get that roling hop trophy…but man i’ve already jumped a whole lot higher than half my height.

Is there a 24" and senior category?:o

how tall are you and how high, iv seen you do 3ft but you could be 6ft tall

Are you going for how high or how far you can roll hop? If it’s the latter, than Skrobo would have to be in the top 5 easy.

high. you have a 20 inch dont you terry?

Oh, ok because when I think of “rolling hop” I think or distance, like trying to clear a stair set, or just to see how far you can roll hop distance-wise, like skrobo does.
I have just a torker lx 20; crappy tire and not very strong.

So basically, your talking about who can roll hop the highest stack of pallets or something? Because that seems the only way to accurately measure the highest hop… by landing on top of something, or over a horizontal pole maybe.

what about static? what if i can hop higher static than rolling?is there going to be a first, second, third place for each catagory?

hes short
5’10" at best, probably 5’8"

thats the whole point, everyone can hop higher static (if they worked at it)

I can hop higher rolling.

It be cool if this comp involved hopping up as many stairs as possible. I would love to get a 5 set.

Pretty sure Arthur C. did a 121 cm roll hop, so that’s more than what has ever been done static (and rolling for that matter).

I’m in, but I think you should change the whole idea of half your height and all…for most people, either it’s impossible to get there, or they already hitted that height long ago. My 2 cents…


Oh wow… its how high you jump? poo… I can jump pretty far but not high at all. :frowning:

i gues im in…but is his a race agaisnt other hieght catagorys as well, or just against our height catagorys, or not a “race” but just if you can. what i mean is will there be 1st,2nd, and 3rd places, or just if you can, no matter how many other ppl did, cuz i dont have a whole lot of time to ride w/ work and school and everything

why not add a distance jumping contest?
jump the length of your height and put a HEIGHT/Distance jumper “trophy” in your sig… i’m not eligiable for this contest.

ill go in, im 5’2 so around 2"7 inches is what i need to get, i have gotten the 2 feet part, just the 7 inches is a dick :P.

I’ll do it, my first time in one of these comps. I’m 174 cm so I have to jump 87. I don’t know how high I can already hop, will the be a problem?

shouldent be i was outside and did 70 cm rolling today. and anyways static is way eaisier for me. I can hit 90 cm static and barely 70 rolling

i do 65 or so static
over 80 rolling.