rollin hop

i just learned how to do a rollin hop but i can only get like 2 inches off the ground. can someone tell me how to get a little more height on the hops.

try to compress the tire before you jump, once you jump pull the seat back up under you and try to lift it up in front of you a little. Just keep practicing it and you will get better. I started to do this a week or 2 ago and I can rolling hop 12 inches so far.

Jumping involves a lot of coordination, much of which comes from practice.

Go get 'em. :slight_smile:

A lower seat might help. You want the seat low enough you can give your knees some bend to compress the tire. Jump like you would normally jump pulling up on the handle. Do this over and over and over again.

Search for a Rolling hop tutorial on here. I wrote one out a while back which gives the basics of what you do, then its just down to practice to get bigger and better.

Here you go.


I’ve been working on rolling hops for a month now on and off. It finally came together this week. I agree that a lot of it is getting the coordination together. I figured out how to rolling hop in a day, but it took a few weeks of practice (come on, I’m old :wink: ) to get the muscles to work together, then all of a sudden I could hop up 8 inches pretty easily.

Getting the motion of pushing down before your hop is huge, you can absolutely tell when you do it right, your hop becomes almost effortless.

rolling hop

My hardest part isn’t getting height or distance, I’ve been working on hopping in the right place… hopping after the ledge isn’t very helpful. compressing the tire is good.

Yeah, I totally agree. For something that seems pretty easy, there is actually a lot that goes into it. Riding around on the streets/sidewalks there is usually enough room on either side that you can get your cranks into the right position. I’ve been having a hard time off road, the trails are relatively narrow so I am usually not in the correct position to hop when I run up onto an obstacle. I’m usually happy to have a rest, so much of the time I just hop off. pretty lame :frowning:

yeah but does that work with a non trials uni