Hey I was thinking maybe I could try using a set of rollers for distance training. You know, kinda like those things bikes train on or a dynamometer type deal. I thought of the idea after looking at some bike rollers and thinking hey this might work for unicycles. I never really came up with a reason why it wouldn’t work. I would totally be up for building or purchasing a set of rollers as long as they would be physically possible to ride on them. How awesome would it be to train without worrying about getting stranded, run over, or lost. I could ride while playing videogames even.:smiley: So what does everyone else think, yay or nay.

It may be possible, but it’d be hard.

A treadmill would be better IMO.

I suspect it would work a lot better just to ride a bike on the rollers or get an exercise bike in the first place.

As to feasibility- no clue, doesn’t sound promising, nor like a skill worth spending time on.

Sounds like a cool idea to me, it’d be fun to play the wii while riding one

not possible for a uni IMO…
Balance would be too much of an issue as you cannot fix it upright.

I thought it would be a cool idea. As long as it works which I think it will. You could train while doing other things which would give you way more time in the saddle. You could ride while watching the tour de france.:slight_smile:

I’m relatively certain that this will not be a success. Having ridden on rollers on a bike for several years, the way they work is exclusively through side-to-side balancing; the design of them (placement of the wheels) makes fore-aft movement impossible. When you’re on a uni, as you lean forward, you pedal faster to compensate and bring the wheel under you again. You can’t physically bring the wheel under you on rollers if you lean forward or backward.

The treadmill idea would definitely work better, although I’m not so sure about it, either.

Exactly what i was gunna say but i didnt have time at work to bust out the words :slight_smile:

You must live in a hell hole in pit’s burg

It seems the idea is to simulate the uni riding experience without experiencing the horrors of fresh air in your town ? :astonished:

Just kidding, I don’t live in Beverly Hills myself, but one of the coolest things to do with a 36 in my area is to ride along sidewalks, looking over everyone’s fences. :sunglasses:

As far as watching videos, movies, etc on a uni, that’s how I learned to idle. There is a whole lot to learn while sitting on a 20 watching the tube.

I don’t see rollers helping. Just use any small wheeled uni, on the floor of your living room. Uni riding is all about balance and practice being on a uni.:slight_smile:

I’ve tried it, and it’s horrible! There just isn’t any feedback coming from the unicycle to let you know if you’re leaning slightly too far forwards or backwards until it’s too late to do anything about it. Roger from UDC tried just after me and described the feeling as being similar to coasting but you’re pedaling at the same time.

To be honest, if it’s just for building up your leg muscles, you’re probably just better off with an exercise bike.


i was about to say that there wouldn’t be any feedback, and balance corrections would be much more problematic.

Though you might be able to ride briefly on them, rollers do not work for unicycle training. What you need is a LeMond RevMaster spin bike. This is a stationary bike (which, like almost all stationary bikes has only one wheel) with a 40-pound flywheel and a fixed gear. That means it rides like a Coker. Plant a fan in front of you (TV or laptop optional) and off you go!

I just happen to have one of those, which I bought for RTL training and didn’t use much. It works great, but I mostly ended up just riding outside. And you’re close enough to actually buy it if interested! If the price is right I’ll even bring it to you. This thing retails for $1100 but now it’s “used” so the price would be a whole lot less! :slight_smile:

Here’s what it looks like. BTW it’s lots of fun to watch non-unicyclist ride it and get their feet momentarily tangled up when the pedals won’t freewheel…

Well I guess its a fail then. :roll_eyes: Thats okay because I like the exercise bike idea better. I just thought rollers could be a good idea because you could train stationary while on a uni. I will think about the exercise bike idea though. I could get one for strength training. Thanks for the help. :smiley: