Rolled away from 3 one foot pedals!!!

Was just out screwing around tonight and I managed to roll away from three one foot pedals. I haven’t figured out what to do with my free foot though and I have a hard time putting it on my frame, as it is round. I just let it dangle there and then get it on the pedal.
It’s no 10 foot drop, or 360 unispin, but it felt really awesome. You are all so much help and a huge inspiration to me, Thanks

You can put grip tape (similar to the stuff you commonly see on the top of skateboads) on the rounded crown of your frame to give you somewhere to put your foot, the extra grip it gives should be enough for you to keep your foot up easily.


congratulations!! thats like the first skill most uniriders learn. having a curved frame does make it hard sometimes though…mine was curved and it took me way longer than my friends who had square frames. I think the best way is to set your foot on the round part of the frame lightly, but don’t put any weight on it so it won’t slip off. it just helps to balance, kind of…

good job!

really, one footing was the hardest thing for me to learn. It took me nearly three weeks nightly practice during the summer break to learn. It’s a great feeling, huh? pulling off that trick you’ve worked so hard at?

what you could do to get your foot out of the way is to tuck it up under you. try to touch the rear seat bumper, and just leave it there. that’s what i did until i figured out i could put my foot on the frame.

I learnt by pressing my calf against the frame. Seems to work well for me, especially on larger wheels.
For a video of me riding like this, check out the Belle Isle video thread.

I learned without putting my foot on anything, and even now I can’t ride 1 footed as well with my foot on the crown.

It depends on what you start out doing, I think.

I’ll disagree with that to an extent–once I got a flat crown uni, it took me while to adjust, but shortly afterwards I was able to surpass my off-crown riding.
Larger wheels are easier for 1-foot due to their inertia, but harder to get your foot on the crown.
24" is probably the ideal balance of the two.

yea i only learned 1 fting only like a yr ago and now im doin just unimaginable stuff. im sure youll continue to learn and congrats on gettin it man.

o and skippii your shoes are awesome! thoroughly

That is how I learnt it first. Worked for me too, but I now got a uni where I can put my foot on top of it, so it’s all good. I actually found it easier to ride without my foot actually on the frame, but just near it…I don’t know…

Beener I thought you said you suck?

I find I’m an ok rider and I just learned 1 footed also this past weekend when I went riding with Kapoute.

Are you using a 24"?

No, I have a 20" and I tried it on the 24 and it doesn’t quite work. I can only pedal three times though, so its only a small accomplishment. I have been working more on street stuff lately but because the kid I ride with has a pretty horrible uni, I try to keep him from working on hops and stuff.

lol ya your 3 pedal one footer was pretty sweet and is my uni that bad? lol just kidding but glad you stuck that trick beener.

Well done, I recently got 1-foot riding down. Incidentally, i found if i rode with one foot in mid air i could only get 3 turns because all my weight would go on to my other foot and I would press too hard down on the pedal. As soon as i started putting my other foot on the crown i went up to around a dozen turns, now i can do several hundred yards at a time. If you can’t already, learn to one-foot idle, i found knowing that realy helped with placing my foot on the crown during the transition from riding to one-foot.

This might be the cheapest and easiest solution to the rounded crown problem.


That’a an awesome idea, I am going to the hardware store tomorrow to get myself a set of crown clamps. With those and the grip tape, I should be set for sure. Thanks everyone for all the advice and encouragement.