Rolled ankles?

Yo what up everyone?

Well i’m really bad about rolled ankles. I do it all the time (3 time in this film alone). It sucks. A bad thing is that I can’t watch me rolling my ankles (i’m weak stomached). Does anybody else roll their ankles on average once every two weeks. haha.

-Shaun Johanneson

I think I have done it once. I seem to fall on my hands a lot.

If you feel that your ankles are rolling under because they may be weak, go out and buy some very HEAVY below the ankle shoes like the ones in the link below. example Sketchers leather casual shoes with the boot like soles are very heavy and if worn daily can greatly improve ankle strength and prevent your problem
P.S. if you try this your ankles may hurt as the muscles get stronger.

I used to roll my ankles every now and then, but ever since I got new shoes I haven’t done it once. My old shoes were some skating shoes with a really wide sole, and I think that’s what made my feet go sideways when I landed. My new shoes have a really narrow sole and work nicely. What kind of shoes do you have right now?

I wear steel toe boots, it’s pretty damned hard to roll your ankles in them…

I bearly roll my ankles, only time it really happens is when I wreck down a stair case, or wreck down a steep slope, because usally trying to run out of the wreck, and the weird angle of the fall, I just roll an ankle.

I am glad it oesnt happen much.

if you’re not, wear high tops and make them tight. otherwise get better at bailing. i think shaun might be a special case as he tries stuff about 10x harder than most, if not all, of us. try no to crash on stairs i guess.

I’ve always had problems with my ankles, so I wear these ankle braces whenever I do higher impact riding, like muni or trials.


I used to roll my ankle heaps, but I havn’t for a while.

That was probably the worst one ^


thanks for this link.
now about strange ankle problems: I discovered lately that many of my ankle/tendons problems were due to the fact that two of my bones in my feet are just stuck together (scientific name “talo-calcanean synostose”).
It took doctors 58 years to discover that! it is fairly hard to spot but the ailment (which is genetic) happens every now and then : think about those when you have reccuring ankle problems.

Lol yeah waaay to many times to count…So I stopped counting ;-). But i found the best thing to do is wear a really wide sole skate shoe, helps ALOT!

I used to all the time back when I skateboarded. Now I very rarely do it. I did it yesterday pretty badly though, except as it rolled it hit a stair and bent back the other way. It made for a not so fun ride home :frowning:

Yeah I’ve done it a couple of times. As it’s been mentions, usually when I bail from a trick and I can’t get my footing. My problem as of late has been either landing on the cranks really hard from spins or flips, which has caused my foot to swell or hitting my ankle on the same bit of the cranks which has caused my ankle to swell and bruise. Anyone else have this problem? I think it might have something to do with the shape of the Onza cranks.


yeah… i do it like evry two or three weeks… it sucks. but its worth it!!

Five-Ten High Impact shoes. they rock.

Yeah it’s a MTB link but who cares – they work fantastic on the pinned pedals I have on my Uni’s. Stick like glue, light-weight, not too hot, great one-sided tongue that won’t go lopsided.

Ankle protection seems pretty good, but I confess I haven’t really had to put that to the test.

I did manage to whack my achilles tendon pretty badly on a pedal, and those shoes gave great protection, and I was uninjured.

I use T1 Active Ankles, they’re actually hinged… google will prolly find them easily. I paid $40 apiece for mine, but after I injured both my ankles last year it had gotten to the point where I was rolling them daily when I wasn’t riding! I started wearing these for riding/hiking, and they’ve really allowed my ankles to heal.

Found a link:

Only problem I’ve had with mine is that my 661’s don’t velcro easily over them :stuck_out_tongue:

Rolled ankle?

Never. For me it’s ribs…

we did these stretches in running where you walk on certain parts of the foot to strengthen the ankle, I can’t find info or pictures on line but this is what it’s like in no particular order:
walk on the side of the foot
walk on the heel of the foot
walk on the toes of the foot
walk on the inside of the foot
if you do those for a set distance everyday you can build up ankle strength.

rolled mine bad. so bad i heard an audible popping sound. swelled like a balloon. the thing is, is i had already dismounted, and started walking a couple steps, i didnt even do it near or on the uni. that was like a month ago, now everytime i think it is getting better, i roll it. rolled it like three more times after the initial one, except they all happen while walking at work… edsbelly: that vid is nasty…

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