rollback mount, seat out front

I like the rollback mount much more than the static mount. The rollback can lead into forward or backward riding, or idling.

So I thought what quicker way to get into seat out front skills? I didn’t find it hard to do a rollback mount with seat out front. Has anyone else found this a useful skill?

yes ive been trying this mount for the last couple of days,im trying to mount with the seat in front,then uni spin.

i find that doing it that way keeps a sore crotch from having anything to do with the mount…aint it great?

i also think it looks really cool to just pick up the seat and ride away with it still in your hand,how far can you get?

I’m not sure if that was a question, but I can ride around a half lap with seat out front or back, then my legs get tired. Right now the only thing on my one lap list is backward. I can get about half a lap one foot.

But back to the mounting. I agree that the rollback to seat out front looks (or at least feels) cool. I think the reason is that it is so dynamic. In general the rollback mount offers a lot of variation where you can accent the moves.

I have also used the rollback to go directly into wheel walk, one foot wheel walk, and I’m trying one foot backward riding. None of these are ‘mounts’, but they are very useful if you are trying to practice these skills and you don’t want to waste time an energy getting to the skill.

i havent been able to quite get over the hump on that one yet.i can ride one foot forward with both forever but 1ft backwards is hard to get over the 12 O’Clock position.

I had very little luck until I started trying to do the triple idle (540 degrees idle). Start with a one foot idle and try to idle in a big arc (180+ degrees). Then try to just inch over in the forward direction. This teaches you how to relax your leg, and you will eventually find that not much forward momentum is needed to actually go over the top. Then you need to stop after going over and traveling 270 degrees. Try to push back enough to just reverse what you just did, relaxing you leg and going over the top backward.

You will eventually also discover that you need to pedal through the top by pointing your toes down and pushing back. Some have been refering to this in Muni as pedaling in circles, or spinning?

You may also discover the ground several times. Maybe wear a helmet and gloves or wrist guards. The problem being that sometimes you are going so slow, you know you are going to fall, but you are not sure what direction.

At the very least this exercise should provide a number of opportunities for practicing your one foot stillstand. :slight_smile:

i found it realy hard to mount into seat in front untill i started practicing one foot still stands,
that is: with one foot on the pedal,at the bottom of its rotation
bum on seat
and the other foot extended
and arms waving about

That sound like a real stillstand, what I described is more like a pause at about the 10 or 2 o’clock positions.

When I do the rollback mount to seat out front, I don’t contact the second pedal until it is past the 12 o’clock position, hopefully as far back as possible. In any case, the roll continues until the cranks are parallel to the floor.

i just did the mount a couple of times in the hall paying attention to what i was doing,

its not quite the same as a regular rollback mount, in a regular roll back mount the unicycle moves underneath you because you have put your weight on the pedal,
in a rollback mount the pedal starts at about 7:30

when you do it seat in front you don’t get that same effect, instead of moving underneath you it just wobbles about untill you manage get it under control, it should be possible to learn this mount this way but it won’t be anywhere as easy a the teqnique i use

which is:

put the dominant pedal to the botom (6oclock),

hold onto the seat

put dominant foot on pedal

the unicycle should not have moved yet.

swing other leg up an onto pedal and push non dominant pedal to 9oclock position then ride off, start hopping etc.

it helps if you put your dominant leg in contact with the front of the frame to keep it still whilst you swing your oher leg up

Hmm, yes I can see that your technique should be easy, I’ll have to try it out.

The way I do it, it looks just like a rollback mount. Instead of sitting on the seat, I put a lot of my weight on the seat with my hand, pushing down, otherwise you can’t relax your leg to allow the unicycle to continue the roll backward.