hi all heres my new video as all ways feed back is welcome

Nice video. I also liked the music and that looks like a fun place to ride too!

Nice riding! Cool vid, always fun watching some others around my skill level. I’ve got to work on some of the larger drops like you are, well, larger drops for folks like you and me anyway!

drop art’n that hard to get good at the biggest i have hit are 3.5feet but i sacred to bust my seat so i have been working on form

right now my goals are faster off road, higher hop and i just start to work on ride on very thin stuff

Nice riding, good video. You really kick-down in the forest :slight_smile: (quite fast riding)

what’s a kick down??

My slang word for going really fast :smiley: Can’t really remember where I picked it up but have used it for a long time… I think it’s a Durban (East Coast of South Africa) thing, seeing as I used to live around there for many years before migrating down to Cape Town.