Roll it, Roll it! (street and trials)

yesterday me and saam made this vid, not overly serious bit of fun but it has some good street and trialsing in it

if you like big gaps watch it (not massive gaps tho)

hope everyone likes it

Haha did you get that “roll it, roll it”, from my “Target practice” vid? At the end the cashier says loudly as I pedal past her register heading for the exit, “Roll it, Roll it!” :smiley:

I didn’t make that connection until Just now, That’s funny! My favorite part was probably where BYZA said “talk about stairway to Heaven” after Sam got up the 33 stairs

Makes me want to try breaking my 66 stair hop-up record, bit on my 36er! (that’ll never happen, but I’m crazy enough to try it! lol!):smiley:

the first rider was good. the second was kinda slow.
the first shifty was one of 2 that deserves slowmo. it was massive

that would be AWESOME! I still haven’t been un-lazy enough to attempt a rolling hop down the stair set I want on my coker…

Ok you’ve inspired me! Tomorrow (sunday) I will film my 70 stair hop-up attempt on my 36er, and also some rolling hops off some smaller sets haha! I’m thinking maybe a 4 set would be the most I’d want to try without risking a tacoed rim! We’ll see I guess.:stuck_out_tongue: Plus, I want to finally land my “super-stack” pallet drop!

That was a really cool video! Thanks for sharing!

I prefer special thanks very much :stuck_out_tongue:

yes terry we got the roll it roll it from target practice and we got ‘nice tree hop sam’ from in one of your muni vids where you say ‘nice rolling hop perry’ just watched that vid the night before and i thaught of it just at that moment.

yes there may have been a bit much slo mo but my part was short enough as it is even with slo mo.

and unfortunateley there are no sets bigger than 33 within a non rediculous distance, so i cant see sam beating your however many stair hop terry.

oh and we got ‘rock out loud yo’ from shaun’s vid ‘ILL’

Cool, I’m honored! I like the slo-mo! Again, nice vid.:smiley:

king kong ain’t got nothing on you