Roll into the X-Games contest video.

That was some really nice riding Hugo, to bad only Americans can apply for the contest.:frowning:

Awesome vid Sam. Your style reminds me of Xavier Collos.

OMGGG :astonished: :astonished: its Luke Collalto, … heheheh.

Sam that was awesome. I’ve been waiting to see you edit to a faster paced/rock song. Crazy good. I was expecting to see the shuv-it in there though.

Thanks. Xav, Dan, and yourself, have prolly been my biggest inspiration. When are you gonna grace use with another vid?

Hahah, let me edit one up to a song I like more… you will be much more impressed, I think. This one is kinda silly. Thanks tho.

I also did not put in a handrail, and 180flip down a set, which were on the list, if I had time.

The top 3 finalists have been chosen, but unfortunately, not a single uni-vid submission was among them. :frowning: The three videos selected as finalists included two sledding and one pogo stick video. Pretty lame to pick TWO of the same type, considering the fact that there was so many different videos to choose from featuring a wide variety of stuff.

They must have been looking for snow?
I thought all 3 of our videos were more interesting than the finalists. But I’m biased.
Great videos, all of you!

I’m gonna assume the reason that they didn’t pick you guys is because they don’t realize how much time, effort, and skill goes into this. For example, when they see a rolling wrap. It doesn’t look so hard. (especially when AgentQ is doint them.)

Yea bummer we lost to a pogosticker. Terry, Both you and made major mistakes. Mine more subtle then yours, perhaps. Both of our videos had shots which included registered trade marks, which was against one of the rules.

Oh well, we’ll get em next time.