Roll into the X-Games contest video.


I entered a video into this “Totino’s pizza rolls video contest”.

Not the only uni vid, coughTerrycough.

I ran into a lot of work this past week, and could not go out and get the footage I had planed specifically for this video, so I just threw together some old clips. Video came out a little sloppy, but I think its okay.

The three finalist will be chosen by judges, but it wouldn’t hurt if you guys would go and comment and rank my video.

If I somehow I get picked as one of the top 3 I will let you guys know, and then I will need your votes to win… As of right now, views rating, and comments cant hurt, so go check out the video… hook it up.

I really liked the first half, but then it felt as though you just sped everything up without actually taking the time to speed things up to the proper speeds and stuff. It was just spead up for the fun of speeding things up and felt rushed. But the first half was great, and I still gave it 5 stars anyways.

Good luck!

Excellent riding and editing! I like how you intercut their logo into the mix; they will like that I bet! My entry was just an older video re- edited to fit the 60 sec. time limit. Due to the deadline I just didn’t have time to make a totally new video. I obviously can’t compete with the younger riders, so maybe they will give me some extra brownie points for being so old haha.:o

Haha some guy has more than 660,000 views and his vids only been up for a couple months! Hmm, seems a bit curious to me. And comments and ratings are disabled.

which saddle is this at 0:20??

Its a “Uni Lab” custom cover.

I am working on getting a few different designs produced, hopefully early 2009.

I think that you are looking at the Totino’s Danny Kass video.
I am a little suprised that, that video has over hlaf a million views and there are only 55 entries… weird.

really nice, i like it:D

Sweet :D! Nice footage & editing.

nice !!! :slight_smile:

that was a nice video. i just dont like how it ends. like i was just getting into it and it all of the sudden stopped.

Your both very right. Thats the effect from not getting the clips, I wanted, filmed, and editing to a song I am not too fond of.

The video had to be no longer than 1 minute. Which (for the way I made this video) is way short.

What happened was I tried to stuff too many clips in, and should have not putt in the clips of the lines. I think I would have been able to edit in more and better shots if I had an extra day and canned a couple of the shots at the end. For some reason I thought it was important to show there can be “flow” to uni, even if static camera plus my mid level riding does not have the most flow to begin with.

Nice video, to bad it had to be so short.:frowning:

I think most of it was sped up to fit as many clips as possible into 60 seconds. I think it came out pretty nice. Good luck Sam.

Here’s mine. Most of the footage has probably been seen by forum members, but hopefully it’s new to most viewers in the contest website and most importantly, the judges!:slight_smile:

I think I likes yours more Terry, both good are videos though.

Thanks that’s really a nice compliment. I know I can’t compete with the young riders, but I try my best. :slight_smile:

Both very nice videos! Let’s hope you guys win :smiley: And also, this is great publicity

I wanted to post this video :

But unfortunatly (or fortunatly for you guys :D), I don’t live in US. Plus it was just some old clips from my sponsor request thrown together, without music.

Didn’t Shaun win a contest similar to this one a while back ? It would be interesting to see it…


Sam, I really liked the way you edited that. That fast style makes unicycling look quite extreme, and is probably the best kind of vid to impress a non rider.