Roll hops

Im having a problem with my roll hops I can already roll up 4 pallets but it seem to be easyer to hop seat in without moving witch I dont think is normal… anyways if anyone here has any tips on how to roll hop higher or anything with roll hops it would be nice :slight_smile:

Seat in is Normal for rolling hops…infact iv never sen anyone do it other wise, i have been expermenting with Sif rolling hops and found i can get farther distance on my hops but my ride away is allways sketchy. I found wha thelps me on rolling hops is to go quite fast and begin to slow right befroe the obstical and this makes you put pressure on teh back pedal wich pushes you into the air and gives you extra height, also look at the very edge of the obsitcal…this helps for me.

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that’s kind of weird that you feel more comfortable doing it static than whilst moving. But, I understand what you’re talking about. I just had to think back to when I first started to learn how to roll.

I’d say the best advice is going to You should look at the trials section. There’s even a frame by frame hop analysis of Dan Heaton’s, from N.U.C. 2001 when he roll-hopped onto the front of a car.

The best thing is to practice and practice technique. You’ll eventually get comfortable rolling, instead of static.

also, maybe the object you’re trying to roll is too small for you. try something tall enough that requires you to roll-hop onto it. This might not be recommended if you’re just starting out with the technique. If you’re just starting out, work on easy things, like curbs (which may not be easy for some, but I consider them to be).

watch the distance roll-hop video and take a look at the dan heaton stuff on that site.

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I can roll up 4 pallets… I just feel more comfy static

it takes practice to get rolling hops down right…but once you do, it’s very easy. make sure you take off from kind of far back, ride up really fast, and then bend at your hips to bring the wheel up in front of you.

thank you

no problem…oh, by the way, here

ya Ive seen that it helped… I only got to go 3 more pallets and Im tied wiht him ! woohoo hahaha