Roll Away Your Stone

For my smart, funny, and BEAUTIFUL girlfriend, Lauren Smailes (:

Sejtripple… wtf! I love it man! Your flip are amazing!
I love your video’s and keep making more man! :slight_smile:

Great video! This makes me want to start flipping :smiley:

Nice video Colby, crazy stuff in there.

Insane flips as usual! I can’t wait to see you land the sejdouble and sejtriple.

Colby! Nice! Dude you should call out Raphi or Elias! :smiley:

Nooo, no one can reach his flip level! He can’t call out anyone!:stuck_out_tongue: Hahaha!

mm… I don’t think so xD They are all really really good rider, but their style is so different… would be to hard to judge!! + who want to do a call out against the Pöhams, if raphi edit their vids… xD

And sick vid dude!!
your flips are unbelieveble :smiley:

Sick video dude!! :smiley: some really crazy tricks! I was like “Siick dude” at the sej2 attempt, and then when you were just as close to sej3 i was like “no way dude :O”!

You should really work on getting your gymnastics more clean though :wink: Some really sketchy stuff :stuck_out_tongue: