Role call for Unicyclist still looking for RTL teammates

RTL is coming up soon and some unicyclist still don’t have a team.

Raise your hand if you have qualified for Ride the Lobster and don’t have team mates.

I recently qualified and looking for team mates for Ride the Lobster

I don’t know how high your chances are of getting a team this late in the game. The RTL commitie has already capped off the number of teams getting in and only letting those who have already started or finished the registering in. Even with that, only 34 of the 35 teams that were registering will be allowed in.

So the only chance I would see would be if a team somehow lost one of it’s riders due to unforseen circumstances and were in real need of one.

Spare qualified rider available

I’m available to RTL teams should you suffer the loss of a team mate.

It would appear that I’m late in the game to assemble a team for the event.

Good luck to all teams and hope everyone enjoys the event.

I’m fully qualified and prepared for the event

Dustin Schaap and Sander Glazenburg from the Netherlands were planning to have a third team member “assigned to them” via the RTL organisation. I’ll email Dustin and ask what the status is.


My team’s missing a support person if anyone’s interested.

I’ve qualified but don’t see RTL happening for me this year and thus I never got a team together or joined anyone else’s. But as we get close to game time I suppose it’s worth putting it out there that there are “spare riders” available :wink:

RTL back-up riders

While it is not possible to know WHAT shit will happen, we KNOW that some shit will happen. Legtod, and others who do not yet have teams:
Go to, go to “race”, go to “teams” and you will have access to e-mail and other contact information for teams. I’m guessing that, because shit happens, opportunities will present themselves. It is true that the RTL has hit a limit ( 34 teams) but for sure when you have 112 riders for an event at least 5% will for one reason or another not be able to make it. Take two hours and send a letter of intent to all qualified teams. You can find these through the splash page and then “race” and then on to “teams”, which links you to what you need. Legtods, don’t give up. You will get a team, just be first in line.

Best, wobble on.

RTL teams back-up. No team? how about this.

Good early afternoon from the Bay of Fundy.
Do not despair. Check the “Race” tab at, then go to “Teams.”. Shit happens and with 34 teams (112 riders) for sure there will be complications in riders lives. Take two hours and contact all teams. I have no doubt that some team will need a rider, so just let all 34 teams know that there is a (local) rider, qualified, who can fit in.

Just a thought.
Best from the right and best coast of Canada, where it is sunny and warm and the black flies have yet to hatch.

So, William…

Is legtod going to be able to find ALL the teams this way. If so, I’m looking in the wrong spot, since I only see 13 teams on that page. My team, which is fully registered, is not on the teams page.

I’ve gone there about ten times a day for the last three weeks or so to check. :astonished: :thinking: :frowning:

I wondered the same thing, except that I’m not in an RTL team.

And now that I’m in wondering mode: I remember when RTL was first announced, it was stated that teams would carry state-of-the-art GPS devices, such that the race could be followed live on an online map. Is this still on?

What ever it takes!!!

I’ll do what ever it takes to to ride in this event.

I’ve trained hard for this event.

Since I’ve already booked off my vaction for the event I plan on being there on race day with all my equipment, just in case.

Also I’m taking my motorcycle for a ride on the course routes in May.

Since Sh*t does happen (As William Says) both boisei and I could both still attend.

I don’t want to be a support person because I’ve trained too hard to ride the event, not drive it.

Hey, man: here’s the deal.

Good question, and here’s the answer:
Andy (Cotter) and Nathan(Hoover) are handling registrations. They do not post “teams” until all prerequisites are finalized. Because I am part of the race planning team, I know that many teams are somewhere in the process. Andy and Nathan will not post a registered team until everything is finalized. Properly so.
Do not despair. Andy and Nathan know what they are doing. Take a breath, give our team a minute, and I will talk to legtod directly and cool it out.
Be well. from the right coast of Nova Scotia, where the sun, for some inexplicable reason, has deigned to shine today.

Yes, RTL will be GPS enabled.

Yes, a local (global) information systems company ( BRITECH, Snynova Group) is providing amazing deep background support on the GPS. We will have online near real time coverage on a monitor near you. This is so cool. Brian Reid, president and CEO, is behind RTL completely. Great guy and right-now tech. No worries.

Best from the Bay of Fundy where the sun shines today, the seals are at play, and we need to do yard work.

Whoohoo! Thanks for the update William.
Judging by your common experience with the weather in the Maritimes, would you say it is likely to rain all 5 days of the race?

There’s no rain or water here

Contrary to popular beleive it does not rain in the maritimes.
As a matter of fact there’s a water shortage in New Brunswick right now !


See this picture…

PS> Notice the water level is really low on this poor guy’s front yard and highway 101 water level really low too.
Yup thats the St. John river right now on his front yard.

water.bmp (207 KB)

Weather or not? Chances are good.

Hey, man:
The middle of June in Nova Scotia? We are a rock in the ocean, the Gulf Stream just south of us and the jet stream overhead. Our weather in the past is OK for this time period, but let us face facts, any crazy shit can happen here. We even get hurricanes that start in North Africa, bulldoze through southern Florida and then race up through Hatteras ( North Carolina) and then smack us upside our heads. But mid-June should be calm enough. Though it will be bug season. And while we do not get the Biblical plague, such as they get, say, in Nunavut, it can be irritating. Bring bug juice, a gallon or so should do it.

With best regards from the right coast of Canada, where the weather changes as often as Brittney Spears on tour,
wobble on.

Nope no water here

The St John river has risen 7.11 meter or 23.33ft.

Here’s an shot from the air in the section that I did my qualifying ride in.



hey, man:
I lived in Ducktown during the '73 flood. A friend worked for Charlie Llewellyn, owner of Wandlyn Inns, and Charlie owned a house on the water, across from the Green. He needed some stuff moved. We had to canoe to his front door. And when we opened the door to the basement, the water was at the top step. I hope to God it will not be so bad this time, but it sure sounds like it will be ( 7AM CBC news.)
With best regards from the Annapolis Basin where, at least, the tides are predictable,
Wobble on.

More water

I have canceled my radio interview that was scheduled to happen this weekend for Ride the Lobster until I can understand what my real chance for attending this race.

On another note the water level here in Fredericton has risen 8.4meters or 27ft, offical flood levels for fredericton are 6.5 meters…

Power is expected to be turned off in the downtown sections of Fredericton this evening.

Many sections of roads are closed due to being under water.

Yup I think we have enough water here.

Thank goodness I have a generator, not sure how long till the St John river starts to recede.
(Now If I just had a boat )

Stuff happens

It is true that with 102 riders (34 * 3 == 102) it is inevitable that something will happen. My team (the Puget Sounders, we’re on the web site) may be needing a replacement rider. Send me a private message or e-mail (it’s on the web site) if you want to discuss.

To set some background/expectations, our team has a lot of long-distance riding experience, but having heard some of the speeds that others are hitting, it’s safe to say that we’re not going to be trying for first place. We plan to finish every day, ride at a good pace, and have fun.