Roger's flying pick-up mount on the new Nimbus 36"

The shiny new Nimbus 36" unicycle makes possible a new type of mount - the flying pickup suicide mount!

Roger showed us how at Warwick in September. (I’ve just got around to putting the film online) He also shows that it’s not easy by missing the first time.

If you still don’t believe how useful/cool the rear handle/rack on the T7 is, here’s one more reason. :slight_smile:


that looked coooool

That looked a bit scary.

I will probably buy the new handle when the winter is over here in Norway, that will be some time.

Trondheim, Norway

him holding onto the handle the whole time does not a suicide mount it make

Yes, I wondered if that would get picked up on. Luckily I was a bit more cautious in the thread title. It’s not really a suicide mount, but more like a jump-mount.

It’s still relatively suicidal though.


Yeah, it’s just a jump mount with a dramatic run up. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to mount a big wheel, once you learn it. I rode a Coker for the first time on Tuesday, and I had zero difficulty mounting it with a jump mount.

Yes, I would call it a running or flying pick-up mount, as you did in the thread title. Pretty cool, and something you could do with most unicycles, if they have something to lean against until you pick them up.

I should definately try that

Am I the only one who can’t view this?

It works for me in Opera, Firefox and IE on Windows.
It’s a WMV file so if you’re on a Mac you’ll need a player that can handle WMV like Flip4Mac.

The rear t-handle design is the same as the Wyganowski setup, invented several years ago by Andy Cotter, I believe, and used by many people for many miles since. It would have been nice to see attribution made by in honor of Andy’s pioneering efforts in this area.

I wonder if Andy or anyone tried this particular mount with a Wyganowski setup?

wotever way you look at it, its pretty cool… makes me wish i had a cocker.

Nice !!!


i want that handle sooo bad. where can i get one??


They are currently available from I’m hoping that UDC USA stocks them soon as well.

am i the only one who noticed this?:stuck_out_tongue:

what does the handle on the back of the seat do?

You can hold it to push the uni (I find it useful for dragging it upstairs. You could mount lights / reflectors on the back. There are holes for a bottle cage to be mounted underneath it, or you could put a small frame bag on there. It also serves to balance the weight distribution a bit.

I have a rear light on there and am intending to add a small mudguard now that we’re getting towards the rainy / muddy part of the year :wink:

The rear handle seemed odd to me when I first saw it, but I rather like it now. If you really didn’t like it, you could saw it off, but I don’t think that’s really necessary - it doesn’t get in the way during riding.

Yes im loving the handle too, i have to push my coker about a hundred yards everyday and haulit up a flight of stairs, it really makes a difference.