Roger@UDC & GB4 - Fantastic Customer Service Report...

As If the title didn’t explain it already, I’ve basically spent the last 3 days trying to put together a Unicycle made up of a Mish-Mash of US & UK Parts.

I’m planning on having a Surly LM Rim (Shipped from the US) with a 3" Gazz (UK) or 4" Endomorph (US), running with a Onza/KH Hub (UK) with 40mm Bearings (US) and Extra Strong Onza Cranks (UK). All of this married to a GB4 Custom Frame (US) with a UDC Gel Saddle (UK).

Basically this has come around from my desire for a LM/Endo Wheeled Uni, and I asked George about making me up one of his frames designed to take the 4" Tyre. That was all fine, but GB only makes frames to fit on 40mm bearings, so I was left with a choice between a profile (expensive) or a UCD cotterless (weaker) hub. I then e-mailed Roger, who not only offered to swap out a pair of 42mm UK bearings for the 40mm US ones on a KH/Onza Hub, he also got hold of some extra strong 165mm cranks from Onza UK.

After sorting that out, I had to then contact George again to see if he could customise the frame for the KH/Onza Bearing Width, which it turns out is the default 112mm anyway but he would have done it.

And to top it all, George sent me details on how to spoke the wheel myself (given that the LM rim is basically the easiest wheel to spoke), based on using a uni frame and some zip ties…

Soooo this is just a report to say how fantastic the customer support has been from both GB4 and UDC, who both bent over backwards to get my rather mad setup to work on both sides of the Atlantic. A massive thumbs up from me, and when I get around to wanting a 36" super coker GB4 & UDC will be top of the list for parts.


P.S one more thing about Roger&UDC, when I knackered the hub in my Onza 24" Muni after riding snowdon for the 3rd time, instead of flogging me a new hub (which I was prepared to buy TBH, I thought it was totally destroyed) Roger told me the keyway was probably to blame, and the best way to fix it up. After performing the repair its been perfect ever since. Not only did Roger’s generosity save me about £100 for a new Onza Hub, he lost out on the sale all to help a fellow unicycler.

Rogers dead nice that way!

Sounds like an absolute beast you’re building up!

Good luck with it!


Re: Roger@UDC & GB4 - Fantastic Customer Service Report…

I had the same bearing size problem myself when I wanted to install a KH/Onza hub in my Muni which has 40mm Miyata bearing holders. I thought there were no bearings which would fit properly (ie have 20mm ID and 40mm OD) so I ended up using bearings with a smaller OD and a shim to take the OD up to 40mm. There is a picture here of my setup. I’m really interested to know what type of bearings you used and where you got them from. Please enlighten me!

Also why did you choose the extra strong Onza cranks over the standard KH/Onza cranks?

Ain’t great? :sunglasses:

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It’s just a family thang…there is always that point where the child’s abilities eclipse the parent’s, and there is no turning back. For the parent, the road ahead is morbidly clear.

I didn’t really, Roger said he could get hold of the stronger ones for me for around the same price, and since they’ll be cross compatible with both of my other Onza uni’s I thought having a really hard wearing pair might be good as a general backup in case something goes wrong in a few years time.


If you don’y mind me asking…How much did it cost to get the Surly rim and GB4 frame imported?

I haven’t yet, its still all in the general planning stage. George won’t be building the frame until sometime in june, and I’ll be importing the rim soon, to try and get as much done before the frame arrives. I’ve looked on the web and the Rim for $87 + Shipping at about $30-$40 totals about $130, still a good £40 cheaper than I can get one for here in the UK. Despite its effects on the US economy, having a weak dollar really helps for things like this.


Re: Roger@UDC & GB4 - Fantastic Customer Service Report…

Loosemoose - which size bearings did you end up using?

I don’t have any choice, the GB4 frame will only fit the 40mm american standard bearings (as fitted to the profile hub).

Just a quick progress report; I managed to pick up the majority of the parts (from UDC) from Roger in person at the Kidderminster Uni Meet, and I’m just about to put together the seatpost & UDC Gel Saddle and stick it in my 20" Onza and go riding. I’ll have a product review for when I get back.


In that case I’m guessing you’re not using the bearing sleeve which comes with the KH/Onza hub? [This sleeve makes the diameter of the axle up to 20mm so that 42 x 20mm bearings can be used.]
I’m sure I thought of this when I was getting my muni’s KH/Onza hub installed. In fact at the time I had both a Profile hub and a KH/onza hub and the 40mm OD bearings from the Profile would not fit on the KH/Onza’s bare axle!

I guess the real question is what is the diameter of the KH/Onza axle? If its 19.05mm (3/4") then 6203-3/4-2RS (ID 3/4 inch, OD 40-mm, Thickness 7/16 inch) bearings can be used.