Roger is a very nice man!

The uni magazine interview with Roger Davies; he says “I am not a shop keeper by nature”. I find this hard to believe, due to the exemplary service he gave me over the past few months.

I ordered a Schlumpf 29er in April with the intention of getting it in time for BUC. Things started unluckily when somehow an e-mail to me unknowingly went missing. I complained about it in a BUC thread on this forum, Roger somehow knew it was me and replied in the thread, a couple of phone calls and e-mails later and the details were confirmed.

I never realised the ordering process would take a long time, two days before BUC Roger e-mailed me to say “it looks like it’s stuck in customs” so I was to go to BUC with two unicycles, and return with two unicycles. In the meantime Joe Marshall very kindly let me have a go on his so I knew what I was in for.

Two weeks later another e-mail, Florian had actually forgot to send it in the first place! Then a fault in the manufacturing process was discovered which brought further delays. Roger forwarded the e-mail about this delay, on the Bank Holiday Monday, as well as two more e-mails from Florian.

A few days ago light was seen at the end of the tunnel. Roger contacted me to say my Schlumpf wheel and frame arrived, and we double-checked my desired specification together.

Mikefule said to me that “when Roger does go wrong, he does his absolute best to put it right”. But it was Florian who made the mistake of missing out a brake which I would need. Roger decided to fix someone else’s wrong; amazingly he took a brake off one of his own unicycles and fitted it to mine!

So after a wait of three months the Schlumpf finally arrived. But something wasn’t quite right; the brake cable was a rather tight fit as Roger warned me, but the tyre was scraping on it.

I phoned them up and got through to Miark; he would let Roger know and “he would get in touch with me when he comes back from UNICON”. For the next hour I had a fiddle with the brake, discovering that with a cable-tie to hold the cable in a certain position the brake cable could be suspended a little bit above the tyre and solve the problem.

At 6:30pm the phone rings, to my surprise it’s Wodger! Seemingly taking a chunk out of his own time to check my problem. He clarified that holding the brake cable at a certain angle would keep it clear from the tyre, and that a cable tie would be a perfect way to do it.

Copying and pasting “Thank you” dozens of times will never be enough to praise Roger for his effort in getting me a rather special unicycle. The fact that he just gave me one of his own brakes just like that, as well as the communication in his own time shows that he really does care about satisfying the customer.

Sorry Roger, but despite what you said in that interview, you’re the perfect shopkeeper!:slight_smile:

I agree. I have my own special uni, thanks to Roger. And twice recently I have ordered somthing from the site in the afternoon and they have come the next day.


Roger was the first to send me a tiny little video of him freemounting a Coker - this was in April of 2000 - that provided me with the information to succeed at it myself. For this I will be forever grateful.

I still think he needs to include a jar of marmite with every order.

A long while ago I was building a prototype 24" wheel using a QU-AX hub (before they were available in the USA) and needed a 48-hole rim. Roger helped me get hold of a Halo SAS rim in good time. Thanks, Roger!

I agree! Every time I order something from, it has arrived the very next day!

Thanks for the best ever service roger! And everyone else at!

Rock on!

yeah hes cool

most stuff i order arrived the next day, or two days or somthing

i orderd some jugggling clubs, and due to them not having any in i only got them today. But this let me change the colour of them, a nice man

Agreed, Roger is great - built me a wonderful 36er, lots of good advice and puts up with my frequent questions about random stuff.

Thanks Roger!

While we’re in grovel mode, yes I agree - he’s a top bloke (and I’ve always found Miark very helpful on the phone, but never met him in person).
Never had a problem with any order from them (although I haven’t bought that much compared with some people - two unis, seat post, pads, cranks, saddle, bearings - that’s about it I think).


I know both Roger and Miark and both are top blokes but it is a team effort and so I have to give praise to all at UDC.

I have a lot of respect for the whole team and a lot to thank them for.

Cheers for everything


Re: Roger is a very nice man!

> Roger is a very nice man!

Ah, now this is the kind of thread I like :slight_smile:



Re: Roger is a very nice man!

just so everyone knows Roger Davies of is a great bloke
Roger Light on the other hand is a bit of a git.

Roger Light wrote:
> > Roger is a very nice man!
> Ah, now this is the kind of thread I like :slight_smile:
> Cheers,
> Roger

Roger: A Living Legend

Roger has gone far out of his way to make me and by the looks of things, all of his customers happy. He is a great guy and I can’t wait to shake his hand at UNICON.

Keep up the good work Roger, and all those at UDC.


roger roger!

yer just to chip in my 2 pence here, roger is great bloke, he has a rather scary knolwedge of uni parts you wuoldnt normally condsider,

he just sorted out (problems) my custom trials for me

now if only hes get off his ass and tell me if hers gonna come and get wasted with us again at the crawley festival this year!


Yup, Roger is a great guy.
All the stuff I’ve ordered from him comes in groovy shrink-wrapped black plastic.
I just wonder if he uses the same wrapping machine for Christmas and birthday presents he sends out. :smiley:

I met the chap at Mondo, and concur.

Although, I could not help picturing what he might look like with orange hair and safety pins in his jacket…

That is the team! Miark and Roger are the only full-timers at UDC UK, with Leigh and others helping out part time over the past few years. He does a stellar job of a very specialised nature and is one of the most helpful people I’ve met.


I’ve only emailed him a few times, but each time he has been very nice and helpful.

Roger is a very very very very nice man.

Exclusive secret spy camera footage of Roger after reading this thread:

Wodgers a ‘wheel’ legend wu hay for wodger

There is a lot to it…

Roger not only has delivered what was expected but also trusted in financial deals not as a shopkeeper but HUMAN BEING.
He well adviced and guided me through some,BELATEDLY, immature decisions and bailed me out of mistakes.
Ha! there are some who sustain believe in human race.