Roger Davies and

I have had the pleasure of talking to both Roger Davies and John Drummond on the phone. John’s praise has been sung on this forum in the past, so there is no need to do so again.
I just want to share with everyone that I am extremely happy with the individualized and personal service Roger is offering. His response to e-mail inquiries is very quick, he is friendly and helpful on the phone, and you can completely rely on what he says.
BTW: Those Axo Dually boots are great. Thank you, Roger, for locating a batch of the old style boots.
Roger mentioned he got some new deliveries. Guess that is a good reason to check out his store at

I posted something about well intended but fumbled oreders once- and now I have to change my location every night. I can sleep happyly to roar of passing motorists- but the sound of one tyre on gravel strikes terror into my hart.