roger at UDC UK is awesome

well here’s the short version of a long story:
started gathering parts for trials uni. got hub and ordered 19 inch trials rim (alexdx 32) from LBS. checked spoke calculator on for spoke lengths. tried to build wheel, wrong size spokes. do all measurements by hand. correct the ERD on calculator. build wheel. spokes work fine. I email roger to see if the ERD on the calculator really is out of whack or if he can fix it or something. After serveral emails, we determine that there’s NO WAY i got the proper rim. I check and sure enough my bike shop that is usually pretty good totally screwed me and got me the 20 inch bmx rim, not the 19in trials i ordered. Now i have to go back and deal with them…

basically roger is super helpful and friendly even though i didn’t buy anything from him. if you can, but something from him. he’s a good guy.

I knew there was something jacked up with that wheel!

yeah. wait till the guy that built the wheel finds out. he might pass out.