rode today with john, grant and jason, pics and vid

so john came up for parent’s weekend from richmond and grant and jason came down from rockville for an enjoyable ride today. we rode for about 2.5 hours and did some cool stuff. i took some pics and vid

but they dont really give a feel for the ride. for example i completely neglected to get any pics or video of jason (sorry, man, dont know how that happened). also we rode some cool trials with some benches and planters that were not shown (great lines were cleaned, by the way). part of the problem is that i have a small(ish) memory card for my camera and had to pick and choose what got shot and what didnt. hopefully in the future i will improve my skills of selection and the rides will be better documented. i hope you guys enjoy…

Good stuff Trip.

Grant’s hilarious wipeout actually looked quite painful … but then, it was hard to figure out what actually went on in the first place.

Your hilarious wipeout was just really amusing. But it was a nice line, props on finishing it.

Man thats a crazy fall when he tries to rolling hop and like gets impaled by the seat. Was it the honking that messed him up or what. But looks cool and fun.

if you have the sound on you can hear john laughing at me. i dont know what went through my head because i did this tiny little hop towards the back from the armrest that was obviously not going to get me all the way up, but i did it anyway. it was a good line. also, there is a planter and another bench next to the first which will make the line longer and better (ill wait until winter and the plants die before i try it). edit: the best part of the fall was when the seat hit me in the face as i was getting up!!!

i cant tell you exactly what happened to grant on that fall, hopefully he will respond about it tonight or tomorrow.

im not sure if i can explain my fall, but ill do my best

i think midway through the jump i realized i wasn’t going to make it, and for some unknown reason decided to try to take my feet off the pedals and try to land on my feet on the other side. turns out the seat was situated perfectly underneath me to bounce me into the air and send me flying… :slight_smile:

somehow i landed with the seat perfectly between my legs again (tho my legs were flailing). so i guess you could say the seat was once again situated perfectly underneath me to send me flying again. i reckon i wouldve landed on my feet if the seat hadn’t been right there to bounce me off again. that part was a tad painful.

i dont recall if the honking in the background had anything to do with it

was definitely worth it; must fun part of the day! thanks trip for getting it on video


Don’t worry, I was doing some light trials and I had an awkward nutbuster, from about a height of 4’. At first it didn’t hurt but I knew it was gonna be painful in a few seconds so I sat down. 10 seconds later I was curled over on the ground, about to throw up, because of the ball whalloping, I lay there for about a minute or so until I heard some people talking about me saying “Do you think he’s knowcked out” then I got up and landed it.