Rode my first log today!

I finally got to ride a log today. It’s a part of a parking divider at a park. It varies in diameter from about 16" to 24" as it’s several logs laid out one after the other. Okay, so it isn’t Kris Holm or Greg Barnes riding a log over a creek (yet). Anyway, after several trys to hop up on to it and ride along the log, I managed to land the log, but couldn’t keep it steady to move forward.

So, I tried a roll over mount on top of the log, and YEAH!, that did the trick. I rode for about 8 feet before riding off the side. Gawd, it was like doing that first 8 feet when I first learned and let go of the fence.:smiley: Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to ride on an arced surface. It wasn’t that much different than riding along a curb.

I wish I had had more time. This all happened in 12 minutes of riding time. That’s all I could fit in. I can’t wait to go back!

I ride, if I am lucky, @45 minutes a week, and that’s usually at one time. I have been riding for almost two years, but 9 months was down for injury healing.

Dang, it’s good to be back! I heard some kid about 10 yards away holler," Hey, look at that, did you see him jump?" That was on my last hop up on to about a 2 foot log and then hit the top of the log and jumped off and turned 90 degrees to the right, made a solid landing and rode away on the grass. I felt like Dan Heaton. For a brief moment, I was one UNi bad *ss.

GAWD, You got a love MUNi.

You da man, Rod. There’s something about riding skinnies. Good luck with it.

Tom, John, and I went log riding at the beach a couple weeks ago. Great fun.

Harper, is Skinny Riding anyway related to Skinny Dipping?

Hey, what a great name. I think I’ll adapt that as my handle from now on.

“Hi, I’m Riding Skinny. What’s your excuse?” :smiley:

Bruce “Riding Skinny” Edwards