Rocky Mountain Muni

Been a while since I made a video, and even longer since I broke out my KH 24 MUni for some sweet technical riding. (Have been riding my new 29er a lot!) :smiley:

Since there are no trees at this trail, I recruited two really cool people to help me set up some shots for my “Uni-Cable-Cam”. (about 1/2 way into the viddy)

We rigged it so that each person could hold one end of the line very solidly, and it worked out surprisingly good. They even let me hook up their GoPro HD for a few shots…I MUST get one of those. The HD quality is amazing and cyrstal clear.

Hope you enjoy and drop a comment if the mood strikes you. :slight_smile:

Nice one terry. Looks like your back in fine form on the 24". In terms of footage i think this is one of your better muni vids- just not such a fan of the song you chose to go with it. The cable cam shots look great too.

Cool video, like how the “Uni-Cable-Cam” followed you :stuck_out_tongue: Nice footage, good intro to. How do you find your 24’’ after the 29’’?

Thanks, yeah it was nice to get back to my basics. This uni is so solid, especially on the drops.

After not riding the 24 for a while, it felt tiny by comparison to my 29er, but also heavier and solid as a rock! It didn’t take too long to get used to it again. And I find the 24 is really the ideal size for technical riding and bigger drops. And with the large marge rim it’s almost indestructible! The wheel stays true no matter what I throw at it. :slight_smile:

Heads up on the GoPro HD. It has some issues that are supposed to be resolved with new firmware promised by the company. But GoPro has been saying the firmware is almost ready since the spring. Though it really does seem like it is on the verge of being released.

Some of the current issues…

  • When taking time lapse photos, if you hit 9999 images, the camera bricks. You’ll need to send it back to GoPro for fixing. :astonished:
  • Not every SD card works reliably. The camera will just stop recording with some cards. The nature of the camera is to turn it on and record for a while. It sucks to find out your video stopped early. This hasn’t happened to me, but I haven’t purchased a bigger card yet… waiting for other users to confirm cards with future firmware.
  • UPD mode isn’t there yet. :smiley: That’s upside down mode. So you’ll have to use an editor to flip your videos.

There may be some other fixes or features too.
This gopro forums website is a good resource for that camera.

I had been researching the gopro and became aware of some of the issues, includng the ones you mentioned. I also have had a few phone conversations with gopro reps, asking them when/if they will ever have a way to view and playback footage on the actual camera–this is really my main concern.

I want to actually see what it is I’m shooting, so I can not only frame each shot (especially when using a tripod or UCC) and also be able to review what I’ve shot so I can also see if it even recorded!

They did tell me that there is a current firmware download that will enable you to plug in a small external monitor, and that they expect to have an actual add-on monitor or there own in the coming months.

I can only say that seeing the camera in person and using it was very easy, and I was more than impressed with the footage. It is absolutely stunning in its detail and clarity, and in 60fps, [1280x720] you get incredibly smooth slow-mo, as you can see in the rock drop at :28.

The card used in his Gopro was a 16g SDHC (class 4) and neither he or I had any issues with it. Having said all that, I ordered one and it will be here this Wednesday! :smiley:

I wanted to thank Ryan Campbell and his girlfriend Joella Davis for helping me set up my ucc for this video. I had only recently met them, but they were very happy to help me, plus they wanted to see how it worked. Also, Joella wanted to take some stills for her portfolio.

This was the first time I had someone help me because normally I use my ucc on trails where there are lots of trees to tie the cable to. This trail was mostly rocky and next to no trees at all. So they each would hold one end of the line, by tying it around there waists loosely, the holding the line in front as taut and steady/still as possible. It was challenging to get it right the first couple times, but they got the hang fast of it and did a great job.

They did come up with an idea for me if I wanted to do it solo, which would be to secure the each end of the line to large rocks and/or boulders…and there are THOUSANDS of them there! They said those stakes rock climbers use could be pounded into the rock–probably they meant the crevices in the rocks–which should easily hold the cable. I’ll have to give that a try next time I’m there, but it sounds feasible. If there’s any rock climbers here, maybe you could give some advice in this regard. :smiley:

The one-wheeled always Peacing hard riding rock hopping camera toting ucc-ing falling offing go againing cowl wearing UniGeezer is still going… Thank God.
Fantastic to see you back … and on the old 24" Terry.

Good to see YOU back! Haven’t seen you here in a long while. I hope you’re still riding and going strong as ever! :smiley:


This cycling makes everyone’s mind blocking.


I got one of those GoPro HD cameras yesterday at my local bike shop. I will probably try it out this weekend. I tried it out around my neighborhood and the video looks awesome. To play the video back, I used a USB card reader and plugged it into my Playstation 3 and was able to watch the video on my wide screen straight off the card. I think it works better than using the video cables that come with the camera.