Rocky Mountain High Tour

Anyone interested in a bagging some Colorado Mtn. passses sometime from the middle of july to the end of july 05’? I have some time open then and am planning on getting in the motorhome and going crazy getting high, (elevation that is). It would be awesome to have some company, but if not, then it would be the “same as it ever was”. No set plans at this time, but I am aiming for southwestern Colorado. The perfect cocktail is created during long climbs at high elevations: a mix of endorphin, adenaline and then top it off with lactic acid! Sounds great huh, oh yeah, I can’t forget pain with that cocktail. Cheers.

I’m gonna keep an eye out on your offer…

Dunno if I can… but I’d like too … I just have too many things in the air ATM.

I will be in colorado for 5 weeks this summer and I want to get some muni rides in. So I might be able to come. I don’t know the dates for when i’ll be there though.

I’m in. Work schedule permitting, so only on my weekends. I’m no longer living in Buena Vista. Now I’m in Florence, (next to Canon City). April,May,June my weekend is Mon-Tues. A tour-de-rocky mountainds is out for me, but bagging a pass here and there, wherever you happen to be on my day off is what I am able to offer.