Rockville, MD

Are there any female unicyclist that live near Rockville, MD, because when I was riding today, a girl I rode by commented on my Muni and said she unicycled too, but I neglected to strike up a conversation. So anyway, I was just wondering if you happened to be on the forums?


Re: Rockville, MD

??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

What kind of response is that. I was just curious to see if there was anyone else in my area besides me, who unicycles.


Sorry sorry. But if anyone tells me they unicycle I strike up a conversation, let alone a girl. I’m not sure where Rockville is (sounds rockin) but Hell on Wheel is from the DC area.

SWAT is from Philadelphia, which can’t be too far away. My family has a summer place near Elkton, MD.

So there are unicyclists around, but I don’t know about any girls. She was probably lying because she liked you. :roll_eyes:

Sorry about yellin, I misenterpreted your ??? . Heh, thats true, I really should have said something. The main reason I didnt is because she was with her dad, and he gave me a rather unfriendly look (to say the least) as I rode by. I wish she just said that cause she liked me, but unfortunetly, I dont think thats true, hehe.


Cool. Hey I don’t wanna clog up this thread because then you’ll never find her…but I wanna ask you something, so check your PM’s in about 3 minutes.