Rockville Hills Park ride, 3/11/06

A group of 10 from Northern California (from Santa Cruz to Roseville) gathered yesterday for a Moab warm-up ride, in Rockville Hills Park in Fairfield. Rockville Hills is a city-owned park with a wide variety of terrain, including some huge rock gardens (there’s a whole trail called Rock Gardens), steep technical sections, open sandstone and granite, and simple singletrack. There are lots of oaks and some very pretty manzanita groves.

The park isn’t that big, but there’s so much stuff to play on that we didn’t get to it all, and we were all totally beat after four hours of riding.

There’s a day use fee of $2 per person, which is a bit of a bummer, but it’s worth the drive and the fee. Outstanding riding, and worthy training for Moab.

Photos and a short video are in my gallery.

Day use fee? Was I suppose to pay something at the gate or ?

By the way, that was a fun ride

Yeah, you were supposed to give the machine next to the gate $2.

Sweet. I’m in the video. :slight_smile:

I gotta find some rocky slopes near home to practice.

Four hours…nice. Looks awesome! Rock gardening rules.

The day use fee must be new. $2 is cheap for a place like Rockville. Sorry I couldn’t be there with you guys…

Thats a beautiful place! :astonished:

I had a ton of fun muni’ing there. The place was really really cool. Lots of really hard and rocky stuff to ride.

I failed to get a photo of the twist-drop; Corbin tried a 180 from one high trail onto a lower, parallel trail, maybe about two feet laterally and three feet down. He made the move but busted a spoke in the process.

$.50/hr for some great riding seems more than fair to me :slight_smile: