rockville hills park pay-to-play

It seems that Rockville Hills park, the site of the 2003 Cal Muni weekend, is going to start charging a fee to use the park. According to some local folks and confirmed by City Hall, the town of Fairfield is requiring a $30 season pass to hike, bike or MUni. I’ve been riding a there a lot lately, and it’s a great park. Unfortunately it stands as a barrier to the suburban expansion that is encroaching on the southern edge of the park. So I guess the local citizens and the city require more financial support to keep the open space open. I cant fault them for doing this, and I even support it to a point, but $30 does seem kinda steep.

I am used to paying fees like this for Kayaking. User fees are common at national parks. Do they have a daily fee? If not I would have to agree $30 is kind of steep. On the good side though it will keep out the riff raff. Wait a minute we are the riff raff!

I thought Rockville was nice but $30 seems a little high for a season pass. They should make thier money off day use people. If they do keep the season pass @ $30 there should be some guarantee that you’ll get a parking space when you go. Does it get that crowded when CA Muni Wkend is not there? Los Padres National Forest did the same thing with the Adventure Pass. $30 a year or $5 a day but LPNF is substantially bigger than Rockville.


Hey, you think that’s steep; the harbor at Utah Lake here has a $9.00 a day fee for cars with up to 5 people, even in the Winter. The best part is that they’re doing construction which means that the entire place is torn apart and the harbor can’t be used. But they thoughtfully put up signs everywhere informing the non-existent public that the fee still applies. You can get an annual National Park Pass for $50.00!

Guess I shouldn’t complain abut having to pay a dollar to walk up Diamond Head.


when is the next cal muni weekend, i just found out about it this year but it was way to close to the date so i couldnt go. And i live so close to it!!!

If I lived within 15 miles I might find $30 worthwhile. Seems steep for entrance into that little park with very little going for it other than some challenging trails and a wee quarry.

We haven’t set a date yet, but it’s always been somewhere in the neighborhood of mid-September to mid-October. This year’s venue will be Lake Tahoe, which means we will likely want to ride at Northstar one of those days. That means MUni Weekend will have to be in September. But that’s all I know at the moment.

As for Rockville, I hope there will be a day use fee. There needs to be a way for people to prove they’ve paid. People only visiting once a year won’t pay the #30, so they’ll either circumvent the system (which can be hard due to the lack of parking anywhere nearby), or not go at all. That wouldn’t be good.