Rocks Roots & Rubber (2004 New York Muni Weekend Video)

Thanks for sharing. I loved the freewheel uni, the Coker muni, and that line with the 90 degree hop to wedging the tyre between the stumps…that’s the trials I love! :slight_smile:

Nice video. I wish I could have been there.


That was really good, I like how we filmed several of the same shots at completely different angles, even though from the same event, ours each have a much different feel.

Oh I was just kidding. My dad got a new digital camera that takes video so new year I’ll do some video too.

I gotcha covered

(this is the Tim who borrowed my MUni…and then ripped off it’s seat, correct?)

And I got a camcorder too! So even though Nick doesnt wanna buy the USB cable so he can upload you guy’s footage me and Tim can film some stuff.

BTW thats him Big Mac. And how bad of a video is 320x240 x25fps?

320x240 at 25fps is about 10 frames per sec more than my video had :wink: Mine is also 320x240 though. It was nice having a second viewpoint, although I also had some challenges with the equipment I was using (Couldn’t zoom/unzoom once filming started, won’t adjust for brightness once filming starts).

I’m planning on borrowing my bro’s camera next year, mayhaps some of us can organize a filming that has multiple POV’s… I was able to fake it on RRR at one part, I had two different shots of Brian M. cokering down some rocks, but from 2 different angles :slight_smile:

I think the bitrate is more important than the frame rate, although I don’t really know what numbers translate to what quality.



320x240 is a little less than half TV quality, and the frame rate for TV is around 25 fps if I recall. DVD I think is 30fps, movie film can be as high as 60. 15fps is about as low as you can get before you start noticing jerky frames.

Not to say that 320x240 looks horrendous, my bro and I did a snowboarding vid back in '99 that was 320x240 @ 15fps (Digital camcorder, but input through a TV capture card, back when 1ghz computers were a dream) and when we output to TV the quality looked great :smiley: I’d like to fool around with the quality settings for RRR, but it’s my gf’s computer, and I have to beg for time on it :wink: