Rocks Roots & Rubber (2004 New York Muni Weekend Video)

Hey all! For those of you who missed the 2004 NY Muni Weekend, here’s a vid of what you missed! Featuring tons of riders who’s names sometimes escape me, 'cause I’m bad with names…
WARNING!!! 103 Meg download!

Crap! I read “103 MB Dl” only after I clicked save target as. My bandwidth limit!

Oh well, no going back. I have to see what I missed!

Edit: I’m pulling 780KB/s here…not bad. Learn from this, Sofa.

It’s called having a homepage on a CS Club server at university, and the admin giving you 1 Gig of storage :smiley:

Now that I’ve watched it, where do I send money?

Good job though. Was that all from the little camera?

Edit: Best bails section in thge history of ever. Thats probably because we fall so hilariously though.

I was wondering if you were crazy for hosting a 103MB file. :slight_smile:

The file I got was only 95.9MB (100,564,992 bytes). Did I get the entire file?

That’s a well done video. Bagpipes are always a plus. Is the film from just one day at the NY Muni Weekend, or is it a combination of several days of riding?

It seems that my first download was incomplete. I downloaded it again and got the entire file. 103 MB (108,988,192 bytes). Sorry about wasting the bandwidth. :stuck_out_tongue:

The footage was taken from each day of the Weekend (Friday through Sunday) on my girlfriend’s Canon A60.
Suck down the bandwidth, that server handles 1/3rd of all outgoing traffic from the school… That’s what happens when you mirror a half-dozen different Linux Distributions, kernels, and assorted Open Source software! :smiley:

Holly crap I have no idea what that just meant… :astonished:

Anyways…still downloading the video…I betcha it’s gonna make me feel sorry for myself…

All that means is that the school IT department really really hates us :wink:

Look on the bright side Murde Mental… there’s a reason that I was behind the camera… I think Brian (the Artist Formerly Known as Sofa) filmed me 5 or 6 times on Sunday, and I think I fell at least 4 of those times :wink:

But ya gotta go next year :slight_smile:

why is it: “not responding”?

Its responding here and only took me 2mins 45 seconds to DL! Hooray for uberfast Internet. Dope Footage!

Smaller Version

Ok, I got a Divx version (at least I think it’s divx) posted, weighs in at about 50 Megs, and just a wee bit crappier quality (I find)…


hey nick the video came out great! better luck next time in front of the camera:D


the bagpipes are awsome, and i especially love the shot of me doing the drop that gets paused :smiley:

I like the video and it is great

Awesome video, great soundtrack. Great job putting it all together, wish I could have been there!


It was great. I got 615k making for a >4 minute dl. Good music too.

Im not in it though.

Do you mean ZR60? The A60 is just a digital camera where the ZR60 is a camcorder. That would be a lot of video to store on a memory card and the quality/framerate seemed to be much better than the A60. I’m just curious.


HAHAHA, you ignorant fools! What are compact flash sizae limitations when you have a laptop! MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah, it’s an A60, I got a 256M flash card, and I took almost no stills, then dumped them all onto the laptop. All told I took about 500 megs of raw footage. I didn’t use nearly all of the footage :wink:

Actually, I feel the quality is less than it was before I converted it (The camera uses a funky mjpeg standard that Adobe Premiere couldn’t deal with) and the conversion washed out some of the color and blurred it a wee bit. Which is more than anyone wanted to know.

Oh, and I forgot to credit “Session” by Linkin Park…

Re: Rocks Roots & Rubber (2004 New York Muni Weekend Video)

Thanks for a good video! I get envious - so many pedal freaks getting
together. By the way, I notice that in several uni movies all the
crashes occur in the end of movie. Is this some sort of editing

Yeah, from what I gather in skate/snow etc movies you’ve got the crash section near the end… 'Cause hey, you didn’t buy a vid to watch all these “good” riders mess up right?

Sorry you weren’t in the vid Tim… If it makes you feel better, neitehr was I (And I made it!) Next year!