Rockets Birthday Hockey tournament

It was Rockets birthday at the weekend, so he threw a party. Hired a sports hall
for several hours , invited all his unicycling friends and held a hockey
tornament. And jolly good fun it was too.

There were teams from Stourpost (the S.A.Ds and the sychos) North Yorkshire,
Horsham, London ( Lunis A & B) Cambrigde&Reading and .com ( a mixture of
locations but featuring Roger and Dave DM) Split into two groups
each team plyed the rest of thie group before playing their opposite placed team
n the other group. So the winners were Lunis A with Lunis B 2nd. at the other
end of the table Stourport army of darkness ( sad for short) played Stourport
sychos for the wooden spoon.

Paul and I played for Cam/red ( a cambrigde /reading team) with Stu Swift Mark R
and Helen. Our first game was agaist LunisA , talk about a bad start. We were
thrashed 11 : 1 . our other games went slightly better and we ended up playing
off for 5th place agist Horsham and winning. The day was a good warm up for the
european unicycle hockey competition that will take place at Eurocycle ,
hopefully all these teams and more will make it to Plymouth in July .

Paul picked up some good bruises , Nicky fell off a bench backwards, adam
demolised one of the goals accidently during a game. Michel shared out lots of
scrumy belgian chocolate and Miark made a crediable attempt to ride a BC wheel.

A good time was had by all, we were joined by a school group from near Ipswich,
one of two of whom played with .com for part of a game. We look forward to
seeing a full team from them in the future. Horsham brougt along lots of
surport, and Stourport were full of the news that they will be playing a game of
unicycle hockey on Blue Peter ( a UK kids Tv show) on friday.

After the games were over lots of us plied back to Rockets place for beer and
pizzas and ( of course) a screening of Universe.

Some people stayed over till sunday, we didnt so someone else will have to pick
up the tale and tell of sundays happenings.


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Re: Rockets Birthday Hockey tournament

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001 14:16:05 +0100, Sarah Miller <> wrote:

>along lots of surport, and Stourport were full of the news that they will be
>playing a game of unicycle hockey on Blue Peter ( a UK kids Tv show) on friday.


Thanks for the tip. Is that Blue Peter on BBC1, 5 p.m. UK time? Then can we see
anyone known from this newsgroup?

Klaas Bil

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Re: Rockets Birthday Hockey tournament

hat will they acturly be showing them riding or just a brief telling about?
because i will have to watch it to c what its about.

Re: Rockets Birthday Hockey tournament

Sarah Miller reviewed:
> Some people stayed over till sunday, we didnt so someone else will have to
> pick up the tale and tell of sundays happenings.

Steve had to drive the minibus back to Stourport on Sunday morning, so he went
to bed before midnight. He’d booked crash space early enough to get a bed in
Rocket’s spare room. He had to meet someone early in the afternoon, and had
forgotten about the clocks going forward, so it was quite comical watching him
round the kids up and trying to get them out of the door on Sunday morning
(especially when he couldn’t find the minibus keys).

Paul and Claire went to stay with another unicyclist’s parents (I played hockey
on the same team as him, and I never got round to asking his name[1] - either
Geoff or Kev I think). Then Richard and I crashed on the kitchen floor sometime
after midnight (which was actually a remarkably comfortable floor under my sleep
mat). Miark took advantage of Rocket’s other spare bed, and I think Roger and
the kids stayed up all night watching videos. They didn’t touch the beer after
Steve had told them not to (and after seeing the picture of him at I can see why they
wouldn’t want to cross him - terrifying, it is).

Once the Stourport posse had left, we got down to the business of breakfast. I
polished off the Chinese pizza and some of another one, but Rocket was still
left with the equivalent of three whole 16" pizzas to see him through the rest
of the week. Then the 5 of us sat down to watch Sunday morning television until
Paul, Claire and Geoff/Kev showed up (Battlebots, the American equivalent of
Robot Wars, is quite hilarious, if a little slow).

Roger had to get back up North, but Paul and Claire offered to give Miark a lift
home so he could stay later. About 13:00 Rocket, Tall Paul, Tall Claire, Miark,
Richard, Kev/Geoff and I headed off for a ride around Stevenage, Claire & Rocket
on their Cokers, the rest of us on our munis.

I’ve read that Stevenage is great for cycling, with cyclepaths everywhere. Well,
I wouldn’t want to ride a bike there (far too many shared use paths, so you
can’t do a sensible speed for fear of peds stepping in front of you and
motorists will be that much more aggressive if you use the road), but it’s good
for unicycling.

Hard to describe, really, without knowing the area. Along some cyclepaths, under
some subways, through a park, along some more cyclepaths, under some more
subways, and back along different cyclepaths and under different subways (but
somehow the same). It was quite a pleasant (though not particularly challenging)
ride (none of that tricky off-road stuff that I’m gonna have to get a better
tyre for, not a muddy puddle or a tractor wheel rut in sight). We were out for
maybe an hour and a half, two hours, and rode a little under 8 miles.

Those of you who know Richard, imagine him after an afternoon’s hockey followed
by an 8 mile ride. He was pushing down on his knees with his hands to get up the
hills. And I wore myself out bridging the gap between Richard and the other
riders to get them to wait (I managed a top speed of 12.5mph). I haven’t seen
Richard today, but I imagine he’s pretty stiff.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to doing the same again for Rocket’s 80th
birthday. In the meantime, I’m off to make an air seat for my Muni. With my sore
inner thighs (now fully recovered), I was very glad of my nice comfy
over-wheeled recumbent when I rode to work this morning.

[1] Anyone for another thread about socially phobic unicyclists?

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