Rock Shox seatpost question


Yes the Rock Shox post requires a seat rails attachment, available at It also requires serious modification unless you are extremely
tall, and will only fit in unicycles with large diameter seat tubes.

A couple of inches have to be sawed off the bottom end, and the bottom of the
tube then needs to be re-threaded for the pretension screw (screws into the
bottom of the post). After this is done it is a good idea to replace the
interior elastomer with a spring (eg. Manitou’s front fork shock spring) because
the elastomer doesn’t work so well when it is cut shorter.

If the above modifications are done then the shockpost works very well and adds
a huge amount of comfort to MUni riding.


— Greg House <> wrote:
> I have a question about the Rock Shox seatpost. Does it require a rail style
> seat attachment? Based on the one photo I’ve seen (at, I
> can’t figure out how you’d attach your seat to it without something like that.
> Greg

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