Rock Garden Video

Found a really cool little “Rock Garden”, which seems like it woiuld be perfect for trials and/or muni riding. Video is shot with no sound, no frills. POV of what rider would see. After viewing it, tell me if you think it looks like a good, challenging natural trials course. Every time I drive by it, there is never anyone on it, but it is clearly there for people to at least walk on it. Take a look: (Sorry about the shaky camera work!) :smiley:

That looks like it would be really fun to ride…Lots os gaps and diferent hop hieghts. Tons of line oppourtunities. Go for it.

That’s kinda what I figured. The average width of the “flat” area is only about 3 feet, so it would be fun to try it out. Funny thing is, it’s right smack next to the police dept.! :astonished:

That 3 feet thing is nothin…When i practice for hieght in my hops, the ledges i have to practice on are no more than 6" wide :astonished: ! So i end up falling alot…But when i finally do nail it it feels great cuz i acomplished more than just hieght!

The “width” in itself isn’t a problem at all…it’s that the narrower that area is, (and it gets down to about 8" or less) the more chance there is of hitting your pedals/cranks against the rocks which form the sides of the path. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry…I thought you meant the tops of the rocks were 3 feet wide… Yeah…3 feet may make it a bit fun for muni though… A great challenge of balance.

Looks awesome, bet you could gap across the path at a few points too.