Rock drop from California MUni weekend

The only video I took where the rider rolled out the entire line is right here.
The camara doesn’t capture the steepness accurately, but it was high and steep. John could have mashed himself one big one at any time.

Props to John on this one!:smiley:

This was taken shortly after everyone left to go to the ski lodge for the demo.

There’s a bit of audio at the end.


Wow, I heard that he went down that line but I didn’t see it. That was a scary line.

From when he found that crevice and was there before he made the hop half way down, I was hoping he would of just jumped form there to the bottom. I would of. =p

In fact, I did a line like that today, it was amazing.

That was an impressive line.

It says there’s a “plugin required”, but no suitable plugins were found! What kind of video format is it? I have Win xp and can view just about ANY file, but not yours. can you re-save it to a standard wmv or something more accessible? Thanks!

You must be trying it in Firefox. Just open it up in Internet Explorer.

imagine a six foot kicker on skis of that thing insane

yeah, because it’s an AVI file, firefox won’t play it. Gotta do it in IE.

Re: Rock drop from California MUni weekend

mango <> writes:

> You must be trying it in Firefox. Just open it up in Internet Explorer.

The video looked fine to me using Firefox. My Mac doesn’t even have IE.

I use firefox and it worked fine for me.

Well, of course it worked for your mac. We all know macs are better than PC’s, but MuniAddict has a PC. :roll_eyes:

Get this extension, it lets you run IE inside firefox, its dead useful.

edit: forgot to add link lol


I am new at this stuff. It plays on real player. I don’t know how to change the format. If I have time, I will explore it.

When I first uploaded it to the gallery, it just showed a black box for a few minutes. I thought it hadn’t taken. I went somewhere else on the web and came back and the video was there. We have the slowest DSL speed, which probably had something to do with the black box thing. Depending on a person’s internet speed, maybe that contributed to it.


Somebody earlier tipped me to the fact that it would play in IE browser; it did. I normally use Mozilla/firefox, and it didn’t play in that browser.

Runs in firefox on my PC just fine.