Rochester, New York area races

I like to join in on some mountain bike races because it pushes me to ride harder and I like the feeling of accomplishment I get. There are only a few muni riders in the area, and I’m the only one into racing, so locally it’s me and 100+ mountain bikers.

I’m posting the races I’m at least considering for the rest of the year. It would certainly love to have other muni riders at these races, though I know it’s a drive for even my closest muni racing fellows.

July 20, 2014 (this Sunday)
Fat Tire Festival (day 2 XC mtb race)

Just south of Rochester, in Victor. Dryer Road mountain bike park
This is a mountain bike race I’ve done twice, as the only muni rider, though not last year. I’m racing this on Sunday. The locals know me and like to have me there. 3.5 mile laps. Beginner, Sport, Expert: 1, 3 ,5 miles. 1 lap just isn’t enough, but 3 laps is a lot. I do 3, but it makes me scared. At the start of lap 1, and 2, I’m questioning why I’m doing it. Lap 3 I’m beat but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as I knock off each climb/trail for the last time. The trails are hilly, and moderately technical. If I didn’t like pushing myself to climb, I probably wouldn’t like these trails.

July 26-27, 2014
Hardcore 24

1 hour south of Rochester, Ontario County Park
This is a 24 hour tag team style mtb race. Do a lap, next team member does a lap, and so on. I’ve never done it, and have no current plans, but possibly could be convinced. I’ve only been to these trails a few times, and not in years. Hilly and rocky. 24 hours, so headlamps required for night riding.
When I got into muni and started racing with the mtbers locally, someone always asked me about the unicycle guys who raced the Hardcore 24 a few years ago. It was Roland and friends in 2009.
Ha! That weekend in 2009 I was still learning to ride a uni and made it down the street a few houses and back!
Race info:

August 10, 2014
Suicide 6

1 hour south of Rochester
This is a 6 hour as many laps as you can mtb race, tag team or solo. Laps are about 7 miles. I’ve done this twice solo, as the only muni rider, and could only manage 2 laps, with resting in between, and then left with a few hours remaining. Again, the locals know me and are cool having me there. Last year I even got a custom trophy! I’ll likely do this again, hoping to do 3 laps. I like the first half of the course, challenging but manageable. The second half must have more elevation change and I start hurting.

August 16, 2014
Ride With The Wind

1 hour north of Utica
I hadn’t heard of this until I stumbled upon it this year. It’s a 46 mile gravel road race, or a 10 mile fun ride. I wouldn’t bother going for a 10 mile rile, so I’d try the 46 miles on my geared 29er. I’m not sure I can ride that distance though. I haven’t contacted the race coordinator for permission yet.

I’d love to have some muni riders join me!
And if you know of some races that are not more than 5 hours from Rochester, please post them here.

I did the Fat Tire Festival and had a good time.
Not doing the Hardcore 24.

I got permission from the racer coordinators to ride a unicycle at the Ride With The Wind. So if you’re interested, do it!! I’m not 100% committed yet, but I’d like to do it.
Any of you Albany area riders considering this?

Ride With the Wind

This race sounds intriguing. Would unicyclists be allowed to start an hour or two earlier than the mountain bikes? My muni skills are very limited, but I do a lot of road riding, and the description makes it sound like a course I could handle. Would this race be appropriate for a Coker?

I’ve never done the race, and it’s 3.5 hours from my home, so I only know of the course from descriptions online. This mtb thread describes it fairly well.

According to the registration site:
Start Time (46 Miler): 10:00am
End Time: 4:00pm (you will be disqualified if not finished by this time)

6 hours to ride 46 miles, that means averaging 7.7mph, with however many stops.

If I do it I’ll be riding a geared 29er (effective 43.5"). I don’t usually ride road or for distance. Looking back at a recent rails-to-trail path and street combination ride from a few months ago, I rode at 11-12mph when there weren’t mud pits or streets to cross. So I can do it if I can sit in the saddle and maintain speed for that long, which I’m worried about.

On race day there will likely be coordinators, marshals, medics, and other volunteers scurrying around before start time. Asking them to do something special for such a small percentage of riders feels awkward to me. I also would prefer to leave the race having finished with the same challenge as the bicyclists. So I’ll either decide I believe I can finish the race as it’s been defined, or not enter.


Wind turbines? Hell, yeah! I’m willing to give it a shot.

lol… I guess the wind turbines will be a sight. I feel like I need to a few hour dirt road/path ride before I commit. Hopefully tomorrow.

How fast do you ride on your Coker?

I average about 9-10 mph on the Coker. The terrain concerns me more than the distance. Based on the course description, I’m fairly certain I can handle it. But I will definitely be doing a lot off-road riding to prepare.

It looks like the Suicide 6 race is August 17, not August 10.
I must have had added it to my calendar before the date was official.

Well there’s no way I can do both the Race With The Wind 8/16 and S6 8/17.
I’m leaning towards the S6 because it’s muni, doesn’t require staying overnight, and I want to try to do more than the 2 laps I’ve done in the past.


I’d give Suicide 6 a shot, but I have to work that Sunday. Sounds like a great challenge. Good luck

According to the facebook page. the Race With the Wind has been canceled due to lack of interest.

Seems to be going around :frowning: