Rochelle library offers Unicycle University display

The outreach coordinator at our local library talked to us late last year about putting up a display featuring our unicycle club. May is unicycle display month. The outreach coordinator’s nephew is a member of our club.



Tres cool, Bruce. Great way to promote unicycling and must make the kids feel very proud and pleased.

Looks cool, however, there are a few books/pamplets in there, does the library carry those?

The library carries the one hardcopy, “The Unicycle Book”. The others she obtained from inter-library loan.

That is great Bruce! What a cool way to promote unicycling.


Hey Irene,

Recognize the TCUC’ers photos? They’re pages from the 2004 calendar featuring NAUCC 2003 in Minneapolis.

Good to hear from you again. Hope life for you in Seattle is grand.


Shouldn’t those saddles be switched? <g>

Do you mean exchanged with each other, facing the other direction, or given the ability to be turned off and on. :slight_smile:

If the truth be known, the trials uni belongs to Ben. It’s in there because it’s non-functional at the moment. The Monty cranks are completely bent and stripped out at both the square taper and the pedal threads.

We’re trying to decide what to do to get Ben back to the trials scene. He’s topping in at 5’-9" and heading for 160 lbs. so we’ll need something substantial to hold him up. We’d like to go with either a Profile setup or a new trials uni but someone has to pay for a class ring first.

The freestyle uni belongs to a boy in our club who is not riding at the moment.


I meant that the KH should be on the trials/steet uni, and the Miyata should be on the freestyle. It’s just odd to see the beefed up trials uni with the Miyata, beside a skinny freestyle uni with the obese KH saddle. If truth be told, i ride my street/trials uni with a Miyata saddle, it’s just weird to see it beside a KH-freestyle combo. I was just kidding around though. I know that it’s pretty common to use those configurations.

I realized you were just having fun. :slight_smile:

The boy who owns the Torker freestyle wanted to upgrade his OEM Torker saddle (can’t blame him) so he went with the KH for comfort. Ben’s trials is about 3½ years old so is equipped with the “vintage” Miyata saddle. The Miyata is actually of the Chinese era that we bought during UNICON in Seattle in 2002. We found an Japanese plastic era front handle to replace the Chinese era handle that lasted, oh, about two jumps.


that’s very nice exposure and a good looking display

any direct feedback yet?

Great display! I’m very impressed.

Good idea for other clubs to use too…


Nothing yet. The display went up over last weekend. We have club tonight so we’ll see if we get any feedback.


Excellent display. You even managed to squeeze a picture of me in there! But I’m mixed in with a bunch of other riders, so the display looks good anyway.

Please let us know what kind of inquiries it generates!