Rob's Ride 10th Anniversary Edition - May 6

A decade ago Rob confiscated Nathan’s 36" unicycle for training purposes and headed for the Santa Cruz mountains: a 20 mile ride through redwoods, over rolling hills, and along the coast. On May 6th at 10am we’ll be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of what has been named “Rob’s Ride” and has become popular for cyclists riding any number of wheels.

Rob’s Ride is so popular that it has made the top 10 list of all named unicycle rides in the US, and has it’s own website with description, advice, directions etc here:

If you can get to the Santa Cruz area on May 6 this year, come on out and ride - this one is going to be great!

—Nathan and Rob

Wish I could make it.

Rob’s ride was one of the highlights of my stay in California!

Have fun everyone.


Yes! This time I will have appropriately-sized cranks, slightly better conditioning, and a better knowledge of the route. I’m stoked!

I’m in

I’ll point out that the May 6th ride is not going to be along the exact route described on The ride has evolved over the years, and on the 10th anniversary we’re going to ride the original ride.

I’ve updated our website, with a map and GPX file showing the 10th Anniversary route.

Thanks for the detailed information, Ken! I’m going to be way more prepared this time around. Since there are going to be so many people I was wondering if anyone was interested in showing a little early to do some horse trading. I have a KH Slim Saddle (ridden for one week) I’d like to trade for a Street or Freeride. I also have a pair of 165mm Nimbus Venture cranks that I’m no longer using.