Robotic unicycle

Found this while surfing around

brief description in ‘abstract’ and a decent photo in ‘entry’ but not much other detail

So far no pics of anything, except the Atmega16 self:

There is a picture in the pdf


it is a BC With a moter and BRAKES:smiley:

evan’s gonna love this one.

I’m wondering what they plan to do with the steering servos.

By shifting the front ones (say) to one side, that will initiate a counter steer. Reshifting should help to recover that, and tire grip should help damp out the rotational inertia about the vertical axis. So they should be able to steer right and left - within limits, though, since there is no way to power out of a turn.

Seems to me that they are going to have to push the wheel to get it going (a BC, like people said above), since there is no way to power the wheel.