Robert Taylor

So i have officially joined youtube, i am starting this thread to post up my videos.

Here is my first youtube upload

here is my Facebook page with about 20 videos of all my different sports.

Hello, although i got no feedback on my first video, it seems to be going rather well, here is a Beginner muni/evening stroll video, let me know what you think.

Cool vid dude

Thanks pete

Here is my earth day vid, spent 5 hours outside riding =D it was an awesome day!!! WARNING CONTAINS BIKING FOOTAGE

Latest video, not the super recent but was fun =D

Cool video, looks like you had a good time! Good music too!

Thanks i most certainly do, i am in a pretty great area for learning.

I shot 2 video today.

Hopping practice is #1

I also shot a tutorial on static free mounting, i know there is a number of videos on it but i did not find them overly helpful. Here is my take on it anyways.

Heres my latest video, rocking the new Nimbus 26 Muni

Heres a small edit i did of me taking my niece for a small ride =D

Cool video dude

very good video man!

Haven’t posted anything in a while, but here is my first ride of 2013 (official ride)

Heres a short edit of my brother doing some riding

Was out with my brother today. He is quite the trials rider.