Rob Thomas + Justin Kohse

Yet again you give us a cool well thought out and well edited video, time to break my 2 wheel affair and get back to one wheel again. Thanks :slight_smile:

That vid was exeptionally fantastic.

Had to watch it about 6 times total over the course of today and yesterday.

Am I the only one that noticed that when he said “natural talent” at the beginning, his mouth looked like he said something completely different?

i think the footage was messed up, i noticed that too. Once again more render problems.

thanks for the awesome comments guys, im glad to hear that your gettin back on the uni.

some impressive riding but I was pleasantly surprised by the filming/editing. The rail section looked really nice and was just catchy. you should definitely make another.

I get what you are saying but I don’t think thats the attitude to have. Most of the stuff you will be doing with those skills won’t be for classes, does that mean you shouldn’t strive to do your best?

I think I’ve already commented on it, but sweet video.

yeah i realized that, but the video is done and so is my homework. So really no complains from me, haha. But if i did have the option to do it again i would, maybe i will when i get some more time.

once again great comments guys

loved the video man
good inspiration to get better

yeah, no need to hurry at all. :slight_smile:
actually it takes a few months for us to make a single vid… because of the same reason.

haha, thanks jim

good to see your still roaming the forums;)

Liked it. Nice & creative lines and smooth riding. Two thumbs up.

i loved the double shifty at 1:47

i think you need to clean yur lense at 2:33:p

haha ahhh, stop pestering me about the lens!!! haha. Alright, because of all of the lens issues, im going to make DOUBLE sure its clean all the time.


srry, i didnt know it was brought up…i didnt read all the other posts…i try not to let other ppl influence my opinion b4 i post mine

haha no worries man, i wasnt getting mad. I really should of noticed it before, i hate that kind of stuff.

I liked the dirty lens, it added style. You dirty boy.