Rob Thomas + Justin Kohse

Like what?

Just curious.

Really really great video to watch, seriously awesome!! loved pretty much everything, the flip down the 4 stair was nice, the big spins, the old school stuff, the double’s and especially the keven grab!! lol the pedal grab over the 45 degree thing… seriously nice work. …

EDIT : not to mention really nice editing and not a bad song either… had to watch it again :smiley:

I love Justin’s style! :slight_smile:

yeah, please enlighten. I like constructive criticism, its the only way to learn and grow right?

old school? haha–is street unicycling even old enough to have an old school?

call it what you want, but i call it creative. i like how you used ‘unusual’ objects for street, like that slanted curb thing, and came up with some interesting, flowy lines–the ‘over-to’ stall comes to mind.

i like watching the different ways people envision lines, and interpret lines and tricks in street. and the people that do their own thing, and ride their own way is what’s always kept it fresh to my viewing eyes (since i don’t ride street). not any labels, or ‘rules’ about how one should go about street. `


Really good uni+tricks! Nice crankflips and rails to. especially liked 3:00-3:27!
cheers uni98:D

its funny because i am considered “old school”, kinda funny at 20 eh?

ah well, im starting to fall into the traps of tech street, but im still trying to mix in other styles rather then just flip, flip, flip, spin/flip, spin.

but then again i cant spin or flip for that long so i dont know haha, respect all round, thanks for the comments guys.

makes me want to make more vids


p.s. anyone like my buddys old school kh cranks and hub set up? still has the nubs too haha

I noticed that. =p

His name seems really familiar to me too for some reason. Hmm.

Definitely make more videos.

i think its just because its a fairly common name, haha.

the style is connected to the rider, since he was there when it was starting…no?

thanks for the comment though:)

when you’re talking about unicycling i don’t think old school really refers to the way it used to be. because if you watch old videos of dudes like dan heaton, kevin mcmullin or dan doerksen, they weren’t doing anything that really resembled what people call old school today.

i think when people say old school what they really mean is influenced by old school bmx and skating. but really to me it seems like any video that isn’t heavy on crankflips gets called old school.

Agreed, it’s a daft expression.

i thought that was called “flip spam” haha, sometimes give me a headache

Agreed… But then again if you look at old school videos… their not actually that good… Thats why these days people are doing what I call progressive old school, luke collalto is doing plenty of it. Old school can’t stay basic forever.

theres nothing wrong with a mixture, ride the way YOU like to ride. You cant please everyone.



thanks for all of the comments guys, makes me want to take some time this long weekend to make another one.

ill spend more time on the editing next time, i talked to someone who i look up too and they made some good points haha.

what are the specs of your uni in the vid

its a nimbus isis

  • 137 moments
    -shaved tryall
    -and just some plastic torkers

thats the one im riding as of now, the old footage is me riding my buddys profiles/koxx set up

quiet an excellent video young man.

old school is lots of fun, i’m keeping it alive also.

p.s. wonderfull mode of transportation (kombi)

ur welcome. xo pilch