Rob Thomas + Justin Kohse

hey guys,

i FINALLY! had some time to throw a video together. I had some major rendering issues, but i dont have time to go back and fix it.
Some of the footage is from almost a year ago (the stuff where im wearing yellow shows mostly), and the rest is from what ive collected over the past 7 months.

this will kind of be my last vid until after august, cause then ill be done school.


aah editing was brilliant, loving the 20" riding and the double shifty deffinatly rocked… i need to work on my footplants like that theyre nice and BMXy

what camera are you using? and the fisheye looks expensive

Some really creative lines in there. I like how I knew where most of them were too:D . And a trials line (logs!).

haha yeah those are my local spots

the fisheye was only $80 from london drugs, but it doesnt hurt to take some time to look around.

Make sure you keep them clean though, mine was so dirty from lack of use and i didnt realize it till i watched the footy haha

the cameras a panasonic pv-gs65 3ccd

Wicked production value and riding to match. Did you use some kind of stabilizer for the tracking shot at the beginning?

a bit of motion tracking, i applied it to the text and then masked out his body

great vid justin!the editing is cool, and so is the song choice.

you forgot to mask his arm though :stuck_out_tongue: its a pain to do it frame per frame though and its a 5 sec shot so not really worth all the trouble

hah exactly, its not a class project so F that!

yeah i noticed i had some masking issues but its wayyyy to time consuming for a little uni vid.

Editing was really good, really enjoyable video.

Why do they cost so much??? :thinking:

Best Justin K vid ever! Good flow and good lines but also high level of tricks too, which I think is the main improvement.

Great to watch,


thats a cheap one…haha

Filfthy lense… Thats unlike you J.

Loved the no footer out of the crankgrab.

Hot progressive old school, thats what I want to work on.

haah i know! thats what you get for not riding ever. Your stuff sits around and collects shit, lol. You can tell at the end that i figured it out haha.

old schools all us “nobodys” know (according to “some people”)

Nothing wrong with old school. Especially not if it’s as H-core as this, eh?

Yeah, I liked the double sided shifty (I think of a double shifty as two shifties haha). That was real nice.

yeah man, just got to keep livin

i dedicate my footplants to you man

I’m planing on bringing it back :stuck_out_tongue:

New school shouldnt have left out all the old school goodies, new school should be a mix.

i found some stuff a lil bit lame, but the double shifty was absolutely awesome and the editing nice… congrats!! keep it up man

– bobousse