Rob Campbell Mini Vid[Flat]

Had to rush to finish before the rain came today. Going to make a street/flat video soon, but decided to have some fun at home.
Hope you enjoy.

Any Comments Appreciated.

Also on vimeo

pretty nice how old are you?

I like the video, and i like your unicycle! :slight_smile:

Good stuff, man.

thanks for the comments guys.

And Im 22 by the way.

nice! I like your style for some reason, i loved that 90 to hop on wheel but you landed 1 footed, also your seat looks a bit low to my untrained eye, does your back not hurt? :thinking:

I have to raise it a little at a time. My seatpost was too short and now that I have a new one its hard to get it to the length it should be beacuase Im not used to it and it gets in my way.