Rob be strong

Guys - this is an ask to have you all do something to help a guy.

It is not even a big thing to do. But it will we appreciated.

And while the organiser probably never even considred unicyclists, we are all cyclists and I am sure that unicyclists will add an extra appreciated quirkiness for the cause.

So, what do you have to do? Simple.

Head over to Bicycle Network Australia and read the thread at


  • get that camera out
  • Take the pic and save it on whatever filesharing site you have
  • post to the thread with a link to the pic on the filesharing site
And give Rob a bit of a buzz.

It wouldn’t hurt to put your pics here to, so we can all share them.

The BNA site restricts what you can put on threads until you have a certain level of activity or you may not wish to register on it. So, if you do have a pic you wish to post, you can post it here and direct me to post in onto the BNA site for you.

To get the ball rolling…

Bumpity - Come on guys, I am waiting on your pics.